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Java Calendar getActualMinimum() Method

The getActualMinimum() method of java.util.Calendar class returns an integer value which is the Minimum possible value of the calendar field passed as parameter to getActualMinimum() methot. For example Minimum value for DATE field is 1 and similarly Minimum value for MONTH field is 0 .



field - the field of calendar like MONTH, HOUR , DAY_OF_MONTH etc.


Returns an integer value which is maximum value of field passed as parameter.


Doesn't throw any exception.

Example 1

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Minimum year value:1
Minimum Month value:0
Minimum Day value:1

Example 2

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Minimum HOUR value is:0
Minimum Minute value is:0
Minimum Second value is:0

Example 3

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Minimum  value for DAY_OF_WEEK_IN_MONTH  is :1
Minimum  value for DAY_OF_MONTH is :1
Minimum value for  DATE is :1

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