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PHP array_change_key_case() function

It is an inbuilt function of PHP. The array_change_key_case() function returns an array with all arrays keys in lower case or upper case.


Parameter Description Is compulsory
array Specifies the array to use compulsory
case Case to use(Upper or Lower) optional

Important Note: If the second parameter is avoided then by default the keys of array will get converted to lowercase.

Example 1


Array(  [A]=>a  [E]=>e  [I]=>i  [O]=>o  [U]=>u  )

Example 2


Array ( [rahul]=> 10000  [ajay]=> 15000  [sid]=> 20000 )

Example 3

If two or more array keys will be the same after running array_change_key_case( ) function, the latest array will override the other.


Array ([A]=> Agra  [B]=> Bengaluru  [C]=> Chennai )

Example 4

If we ignore the second parameter in the function array_change_key_case( ) then the keys will be converted to lowercase.


Array ([rahul]=> 10  [vikas]=> 20  [sid]=> 25 )

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