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Coronavirus Disease

The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID -19) is an infected disease caused by the virus called coronavirus. It is called SARS-CoV-2, which stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2.

It arises from the family of virus that causes various illness factors such as respiratory illness and viral illness. It was first reported in 2019 in Wuhan, China, in December. After that, it was further named as COVID- 19 (Coronavirus 2019).

It was declared 'pandemic' by WHO in March 2020.

The cases of COVID-19 are reported by various organizations, such as WHO (World Health Organization), CDC (US Center for Disease and Control), and USAID (US Agency for International Development).

The disease is characterized by cough, shortness of breath, and fever. In the worst cases, it can also lead to respiratory failure.

The virus has killed thousands of people, and many are infected worldwide.

What is Coronavirus?

The coronavirus is originated from the word 'Coronaviridae'. It is from a family of a single-stranded RNA virus. It has a lipid envelop that is covered with arched shaped projections. It consists of causative agents of respiratory illness, viral illness, and COVID-19.

Coronavirus Disease

Stages of Coronavirus Disease

There are four stages of Coronavirus disease ranging from mild to severe.

Let's discuss all the four stages.

Coronavirus Disease

The countries who reported their first case of Coronavirus disease, enters Stage 1.

Coronavirus Disease

The infection spreads from one person to another in the same country in Stage 2.

Coronavirus Disease

In stage 3, the virus spreads in a large number of cases. The virus also infects people with no travel history. In such cases, lockdown becomes necessary to control the spread.

Countries like Italy, China, and the UK have already reached stage 3 of Coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus Disease

The infection in this stage keeps reappearing round the year, such as dengue, etc.


The symptoms of Coronavirus disease are cough, runny nose, fever, sore throat, and headache. The severe case may have difficulty in breathing and body ache.

The scale of symptoms is shown below:

Coronavirus Disease

The common symptoms anyone may feel are shown below:

Coronavirus Disease

How the Disease spreads?

The Disease spreads from person to person when they are in close contact. The virus is spread in the form of respiratory droplets through sneezing and cough. Such droplets infects another person.

It also spreads when a person touches his/her infected hands on the mouth, eyes, and nose. The infection further transfers to the lungs, through mouth, nose, and eyes.

As said,

Coronavirus Disease

So, let's discuss some safety measures or preventions of the Coronavirus Disease.

How can it be prevented?

The safety measures or prevention are shown below:

  • Wash your hands regularly. We should apply soap and rub our hands atleast for 20 seconds.
Coronavirus Disease

We can use sanitizer in a market place.

The habit of washing our hands after activities, such as hand-shaking, touching objects, sand, etc. should be strictly followed. The more precautions, the more our family and we will be safe.

Note: The sanitizer must contain a minimum of 60% alcohol w/v.

  • Do not touch your mouth, eyes, or nose with dirty hands.
  • Cover your face with a mask.
Coronavirus Disease

The mask should not be disposed of randomly. Do not use the same mask for a long time. Do not use the mask of any other person.

  • Avoid close contact with the people who are sick.

We should maintain atleast 1m distance with sick people.

  • Maintain social distance.
Coronavirus Disease
  • Cover your mouth while sneezing or cough. We can also cover our mouth using the bent elbow, as shown below:
Coronavirus Disease
Coronavirus Disease
  • Avoid hand-shaking with anyone.
Coronavirus Disease
  • Stay home when we feel that we are sick.
Coronavirus Disease
  • If you develop any symptom, call the doctor or health provider and get a checkup. You must inform all your recent travel.
  • Follow safe greeting including bow, wave, and a node.


There are various myths about Coronavirus Disease. Do not believe in such myths. Always believe on news displayed on national websites, such as WHO websites.

Some of the myths about Coronavirus disease are listed below:

  • Cold weather and low temperature cannot kill the virus.

The virus does not depend on temperature. The temperature of the human body is about 36 to 37 degrees Celsius.

  • The hot water bath will prevent the disease.

Irrespective of the outside temperature of the water, etc., the temperature of the body remains the same.

  • Spraying chlorine or alcohol on the body will kill the Coronavirus.

The virus has already entered into our body. So, spraying chlorine or alcohol further will not have any impact.

Note: The best way to protect ourself is to regularly wash our hands properly with soap and water or alcohol-based solution. It should be performed many times a day.

Top 50 Coronavirus (Covid-19) Infected Countries LIVE Update

Country Total Cases Total Deaths Total Recovery
USA USA 1,237,761 72,275 200,669
Spain Spain 250,561 25,613 154,718
Italy Italy 213,013 29,315 85,231
UK UK 194,990 29,427 N/A
France France 170,551 25,531 52,736
Germany Germany 167,007 6,993 137,400
Russia Russia 165,929 1,537 21,327
Turkey Turkey 129,491 3,520 73,285
Brazil Brazil 115,953 7,958 48,221
Iran Iran 99,970 6,340 80,475
China China 82,883 4,633 77,911
Canada Canada 62,046 4,043 26,993
Peru Peru 51,189 1,444 15,413
Belgium Belgium 50,509 8,016 12,441
India India 49,436 1,695 14,183
Netherlands Netherlands 41,087 5,168 N/A
Ecuador Ecuador 31,881 1,569 3,433
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 30,251 200 5,431
Flag Switzerland 30,009 1,795 25,400
Mexico Mexico 26,025 2,507 16,810
Portugal Portugal 25,702 1,074 1,743
Sweden Sweden 23,216 2,854 4,074
Pakistan Pakistan 22,550 526 6,217
Chile Chile 22,016 275 10,710
Ireland Ireland 21,983 1,339 13,386
Singapore Singapore 20,198 18 1,519
Belarus Belarus 18,350 107 3,771
Qatar Qatar 17,142 12 1,924
Israel Israel 16,314 238 10,527
Austria Austria 15,650 606 13,462
Japan Japan 15,253 556 4,496
UAE UAE 15,192 146 3,153
Poland Poland 14,647 723 4,655
Romania Romania 13,837 854 5,454
Ukraine Ukraine 13,184 327 2,097
Indonesia Indonesia 12,071 872 2,197
Bangladesh Bangladesh 10,929 183 1,403
S. Korea S. Korea 10,806 255 9,333
Philippines Philippines 10,004 658 1,506
Denmark Denmark 9,938 503 7,296
Serbia Serbia 9,677 200 1,723
Colombia Colombia 8,613 378 2,013
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic 8,480 354 1,905
Norway Norway 7,955 215 32
Czechia Czechia 7,896 257 4,006
South Africa South Africa 7,572 148 2,746
Egypt Egypt 7,201 452 1,730
Panama Panama 7,523 210 823
Australia Australia 6,875 97 5,975
Malaysia Malaysia 6,383 106 4,567
Total: 3,741,276 258,511 1,247,433

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