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Coronavirus in China

The virus initially emerged in the city of China 'Wuhan' in December 2019. According to scientific research, Coronavirus is a virus found in almost all kinds of animals. Although it is not clear that basically in which animal it is found. They say that eating rotten animals is the cause of its spread between humans. Chinese loves to eat animals as their food dishes, which has resulted in numerous deaths in today's time. The scientist researched that it has been originated from the bat's or snake's soup eaten by Chinese, but later this information was doubted because this virus has subsumed almost every country worldwide. Currently, 212 countries and territories by affected with Coronavirus including two international cruise ships of Japan and America. Still, no one knows where it will stop. Till now, approx 258,511 death trolls have been reported by WHO over the globe.

The reaction of Chinese and Impacts of Coronavirus

The Public Health Organization of China says that "After founding several cases in China, they reported WHO (World Health Organization) about this unknown pneumonia-like disease on December 31, 2019". Later, after hearing several cases worldwide, the WHO declared the virus a pandemic virus, which causes a disease known as COVID-19. The symptoms of COVID-19 are cough, fever, weakness and body pain, shortness of breath. It was also found that this virus spreads in social gatherings and meetings. On January 11, China reported WHO with its first death of a 61-year-old man. According to the report, the man went to the seafood market in the purchase of some goods. Then he got admitted to a hospital where treatment did not cure him, and on January 9 evening, the man was dead due to heart failure. After the first death in China, the fact was analyzed that if a person has a strong immune system, he or she can fight with the virus. Slowly this virus started to spread in other countries such as Japan, US, Thailand, Italy. They reported certain death cases in their countries. On January 17, the second death in Wuhan took place. After the third day of the second death, one more death in China was reported with 200 infected people from Coronavirus.

The Chinese Virus

After seeing such innocent deaths in the US and in the other countries, the US President Donald Trump opposed China by referring to Coronavirus as "Chinese Virus". Trump said that it is all did by China. Indeed it is not the time of accusing China. The matter is to bring the globe out of the virus. Many news has been heard and spread about Coronavirus. It is not known whether it is fake or true. It has been found that Coronavirus was created in the laboratories of Wuhan and however, got spread all over the city slowly. A piece of news was heard that for taking revenge, China has created Coronavirus.

What does Worldometer say?

According to Worldometer, in China, a total of 82,883 cases have been reported from which 4,633 are death cases, and 77,911 have been either discharged or recovered from the virus. After losing a major count of Chinese, the number of recovered humans is a huge victory for the country. The virus has affected not only the Chinese but also the Chinese economy. The economy rate of China had also fallen down with a big number. Currently the increase in the cases has been decreased. So, they are preparing their country economy again with a great pace.

Decisions of China

On seeing the adverse effects of Coronavirus, the country on January 1 took the decision to lock down the sprawling city, i.e., Wuhan initially. After viewing the overall graph of Coronavirus spread, many other cities and places of China have been lockdown as well. Industries and factories shut down. Children are restricted from going to schools and colleges. The vaccine of this virus is still unknown, but WHO has listed and informed several precautions to be taken to save yourself from such a life-taking virus. The experts say that the vaccine of this virus requires a time of at least 18 months to get ready to cure the virus effects, but definitely, it is not the good news because, according to WHO. The virus took 67 days for 100000 people to get infected and 11 days for 200000 and only 4 days to double this number. Then we can imagine that 18 months is really high time. But in between this, there's some relaxing news too. Researchers told that they are giving their best to get a solution which could destroy this virus from the human body. The Director of the World Health Organization has also requested and advised people to eat those things that will help in making their immune system strong so as to fight with the disease and hoist the flag of victory on COVID-19. So, the only need is to maintain your immune system so that it may help you to fight from such disease and not to let such a virus to make you ill or snatch your life from you.

Current Era in China

The lockdown decision of China is the ultimate one that has helped China people to recover from such a life-threating virus. Now, the graph shows a great fall in the positive cases of Coronavirus and achieved a great height in the recovered Coronavirus cases. People are going back to their works. Lockdowns are slowly opening. This will help the economy of China to maintain its level. Employees are going back to their jobs, and production, as well as manufacturing factories are ending shutdowns.

But still, a question is spreading in the minds of people from other countries. The question is, "Why did Coronavirus has affected Wuhan only?"

Why Coronavirus had affected Wuhan only?

The news has answered to the question. A Chinese has reported that the virus was spread unwillingly in a fight between America and China. He stated that initially China was planning to make a virus for taking revenge from Hong Kong. It is because Hong Kong was being opposing the China's government. The Chinese government was afraid from becoming the world's trending point of focus. Thus, they decided to make Hong Kong unconscious and force them to become their slave. However, there experiment failed. On the other side, America was keenly interested in such a harmful biological weapon. China told the effects of the virus to America. But, America demanded it and China refused. It led to a shootout between both. Unfortunately, the container holding the Coronavirus felt to the ground and was broken. It is the statement given by the Chinese.

But, no one can easily believe on such news. Till now, it has not proven also. These were just statements. Who is responsible for this is not the main point at present.

Top 50 Coronavirus (Covid-19) Infected Countries LIVE Update

Country Total Cases Total Deaths Total Recovery
USA USA 1,237,761 72,275 200,669
Spain Spain 250,561 25,613 154,718
Italy Italy 213,013 29,315 85,231
UK UK 194,990 29,427 N/A
France France 170,551 25,531 52,736
Germany Germany 167,007 6,993 137,400
Russia Russia 165,929 1,537 21,327
Turkey Turkey 129,491 3,520 73,285
Brazil Brazil 115,953 7,958 48,221
Iran Iran 99,970 6,340 80,475
China China 82,883 4,633 77,911
Canada Canada 62,046 4,043 26,993
Peru Peru 51,189 1,444 15,413
Belgium Belgium 50,509 8,016 12,441
India India 49,436 1,695 14,183
Netherlands Netherlands 41,087 5,168 N/A
Ecuador Ecuador 31,881 1,569 3,433
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 30,251 200 5,431
Flag Switzerland 30,009 1,795 25,400
Mexico Mexico 26,025 2,507 16,810
Portugal Portugal 25,702 1,074 1,743
Sweden Sweden 23,216 2,854 4,074
Pakistan Pakistan 22,550 526 6,217
Chile Chile 22,016 275 10,710
Ireland Ireland 21,983 1,339 13,386
Singapore Singapore 20,198 18 1,519
Belarus Belarus 18,350 107 3,771
Qatar Qatar 17,142 12 1,924
Israel Israel 16,314 238 10,527
Austria Austria 15,650 606 13,462
Japan Japan 15,253 556 4,496
UAE UAE 15,192 146 3,153
Poland Poland 14,647 723 4,655
Romania Romania 13,837 854 5,454
Ukraine Ukraine 13,184 327 2,097
Indonesia Indonesia 12,071 872 2,197
Bangladesh Bangladesh 10,929 183 1,403
S. Korea S. Korea 10,806 255 9,333
Philippines Philippines 10,004 658 1,506
Denmark Denmark 9,938 503 7,296
Serbia Serbia 9,677 200 1,723
Colombia Colombia 8,613 378 2,013
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic 8,480 354 1,905
Norway Norway 7,955 215 32
Czechia Czechia 7,896 257 4,006
South Africa South Africa 7,572 148 2,746
Egypt Egypt 7,201 452 1,730
Panama Panama 7,523 210 823
Australia Australia 6,875 97 5,975
Malaysia Malaysia 6,383 106 4,567
Total: 3,741,276 258,511 1,247,433

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