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What is coronavirus?

Coronavirus is an epidemic disease. On 11 February 2020, the WHO declared the disease as COVID-19. It is also known as Sars-CoV-2. It stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2. The coronavirus originated in Wuhan city of China in December 2019. On 11 March 2020, the World Health Organization declared it an epidemic. According to the latest WHO (world health organization) report, there are 11,220,009 confirmed cases of infected people. Out of this, 1,615,483 people have been cured and 529,604 people from 215 countries have died. Its number is increasing day by day. There are 650,431 confirmed cases of infected people in India. Out of this, 394,411 people have been cured and 645 have died.


How did it start?

This virus seems initiated from a Wuhan seafood market, which has all types of wild animals such as snakes, bats, birds, rabbits, marmots, etc. which are operated illegitimately. Some reports say that COVID-19 is like a chain system that spread from animals to humans. That's why if anyone got infected with the virus; it could affect the n-number of peoples like as we can see in the below image:


In the earlier study of the coronavirus says that it is related to viruses seen in snakes. Still, the search is going on for the animal cause of Coronavirus. In the Wuhan institute, the team of virologist released a detailed document which claims that the coronavirus genetic makeup is 96% match to that of a virus found in bats. Some of the unpublished study claims that are the inherited systems of Covid-19 in pangolins are 99% matching to the human virus.

But the fact is that the first case of infected people from coronavirus has no connection at all to the Wuhan seafood market, and due to that, the same market was a blackout for sanitizing and inspection by 1 January 2020. But it seems that coronavirus was already started spreading outside the market itself. The WHO western pacific office claim that's the virus was also being spreading among humans on 21 January 2020, and they also have proof that when the medical staff has been infected with the Covid-19. Meanwhile, we have a proper sign that it will transfer from people to people like in China it was speared if someone got infected and in the current stage, it will be established all over the world.

Coronavirus is not air born, it is spread by the respiratory droplets, which is the liquid that comes from our nose, and that particle is reached to somebody's eyes, nose, or mouth. If it is contracted to the hard surface, that hard surface may get infected, if somebody touched it and then touch their eyes, mouth, and nose.

Covid-19 is not bacteria; it is ultimately a virus; that's why it can also spread in the different temperatures like we see that it spread in Northern China where the warmth is cold, and it spread in Singapore where the temperature is generally warm.

Firstly, it is recognized as SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), which discovered in Southern China in 2002 and affected around 26 countries and reported over 8,000 cases and 774 deaths.

But the present source of this epidemic was primarily anonymous; on 7 January 2020; the Chinese health authorities acknowledged that is was happen due to the strain of coronavirus, which was not encountered in humans before. But after five days, the Chinese government disclosed the genetic sequence of the virus, so that other countries or the territory could make their diagnostic kits, and now it was known as Sars-CoV-2.

Reports say that the most infected (around 45k) people from coronavirus in china found that:

  • 80% of persons are infected having minor symptoms.
  • And the other 13 % of people have been in severe condition.
  • And another 4 % of people were in a dangerous condition, which has to face respiratory failure, various organ failures.
  • And last 2-3% of people have confirmed death cases due to Covid-19.

Top 50 Coronavirus (Covid-19) Infected Countries LIVE Update

Country Total Cases Total Deaths Total Recovery
USA USA 2,891,267 132,112 1,235,965
Brazil Brazil 1,545,458 63,295 978,615
Russia Russia 674,515 10,027 446,879
India India 650,431 18,669 394,411
Spain Spain 297,625 28,385 N/A
Peru Peru 295,599 10,226 185,852
Chile Chile 288,089 6,051 253,343
UK UK 284,276 44,131 N/A
Mexico Mexico 245,251 29,843 147,205
Italy Italy 241,184 34,833 191,467
Iran Iran 235,429 11,260 196,446
Pakistan Pakistan 225,283 4,619 125,094
Turkey Turkey 203,456 5,186 178,278
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 201,801 1,802 140,614
Germany Germany 197,000 9,073 181,300
South Africa South Africa 177,124 2,952 86,298
France France 166,960 29,893 77,060
Bangladesh Bangladesh 159,679 1,997 70,721
Colombia Colombia 109,505 3,777 45,334
Canada Canada 105,091 8,663 68,693
Qatar Qatar 99,183 123 90,387
China China 83,545 4,634 78,509
Argentina Argentina 72,786 1,437 25,224
Egypt Egypt 72,711 3,201 19,690
Sweden Sweden 71,419 5,420 N/A
Belarus Belarus 62,997 412 49,909
Indonesia Indonesia 62,142 3,089 28,219
Belgium Belgium 61,727 9,765 17,073
Ecuador Ecuador 60,657 4,700 28,391
Iraq Iraq 56,020 2,262 29,600
UAE UAE 50,857 321 39,857
Netherlands Netherlands 50,335 6,113 N/A
Kuwait Kuwait 48,672 360 39,276
Ukraine Ukraine 47,677 1,227 21,115
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 45,719 188 26,750
Oman Oman 45,106 203 26,968
Singapore Singapore 44,664 26 39,769
Portugal Portugal 43,156 1,598 28,424
Philippines Philippines 41,830 1,290 11,453
Bolivia Bolivia 36,818 1,320 10,766
Panama Panama 35,995 698 16,945
Poland Poland 35,719 1,512 23,127
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic 35,148 775 18,392
Afghanistan Afghanistan 32,672 826 19,164
Flag Switzerland 32,101 1,965 29,200
Romania Romania 28,582 1,731 19,854
Bahrain Bahrain 28,410 95 23,318
Israel Israel 28,055 326 17,669
Armenia Armenia 27,900 477 15,935
Nigeria Nigeria 27,564 628 11,069
Total: 11,220,009 529,604 6,363,717

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