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JButton class

The JButton class is used to create a button that have plateform-independent implementation.

Commonly used Constructors:

  • JButton(): creates a button with no text and icon.
  • JButton(String s): creates a button with the specified text.
  • JButton(Icon i): creates a button with the specified icon object.

Commonly used Methods of AbstractButton class:

1) public void setText(String s): is used to set specified text on button.
2) public String getText(): is used to return the text of the button.
3) public void setEnabled(boolean b): is used to enable or disable the button.
4) public void setIcon(Icon b): is used to set the specified Icon on the button.
5) public Icon getIcon(): is used to get the Icon of the button.
6) public void setMnemonic(int a): is used to set the mnemonic on the button.
7) public void addActionListener(ActionListener a): is used to add the action listener to this object.

Note: The JButton class extends AbstractButton class.

Example of displaying image on the button:

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