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Company interview questions and Procedure

How to get hired in a company?

"How to get hired in a company" is a big question for each candidate, who is looking for a job. So here we will discuss all the common possible points and tips along with various company interview questions, and it will be very helpful for candidates struggling for a good job in a company.

There are mainly two ways to enter a company.

  • College Placements
  • Walk-in Interviews

College placements:

Let's start our discussion with the college placements, so it is one of the easiest ways to get placed in a well-known company.

Companies visit different colleges to hire the right candidates for the right posts. So if you are currently pursuing your Graduation/PG/diploma, then you can attend college placement drives mostly from the third-year of graduation.

Placements are mainly of three types:

  • On-campus placement drive:
    It is the most common placements done by various companies, as they required enthusiastic and talented candidates for their company. In this placement, companies have tie-ups with the colleges, so they visit colleges, hire good candidates as per their requirements, and offer a Job.
    In on-campus placement, students have good chances to get placed in that company as there is a limited number of students and competition is comparatively easy.

Note: You can only attend the On-campus placement drive during your college days.

  • Off-campus placement drive:
    Off-campus placement drives are mass recruitment organized by well-established companies outside the college campus. As it is off-campus placement, so there is no role of college.
    In Off-campus placements, any candidate(with eligibility criteria) from any college can apply and attend the drive. One can attend Off-campus placements during college or after college.
    Off-campus placements are comparatively tough as competition becomes very high.
  • Pool-campus placement drive:
    In pool-campus placement drives more than one college affiliated from the same university conduct placement drive, where students more than one college can attend it and can get placed.

Walk-in Interview:

Nowadays Walk-in interviews are the best way to get placed in that company for the candidates who were not able to get placed during their graduation, or one who is already placed and want to switch the Job. There can be various interview rounds, and once you clear all rounds the company will provide a job as per your skills.

Preparation for an interview:

Good preparation is essential for an interview whether you are giving it on your campus placement drive or for walk-in interview.

Steps for interview preparation:

  • Build a strong resume
    The very first step for applying for an interview is to build a strong resume. Because a good resume helps you to get closer to your dream Job. A good resume increases your chances to get hired for that job.
    It will help you to get an interview and creating a positive impression on the interviewer.
    Following are some basic points to build a strong resume:
    • Make it short, easy, and professional.
    • Mention your skills, strengths, and experiences (Job experience or internship experience).
    • Avoid any mistake in your resume
    • Do not write paragraphs in your resume, instead use bullets or pointers.
    • The font size of the resume should be proper(between 11-12 Arial).
    • Do not mention any lie on your resume.
  • Prepare for cracking written/Aptitude test
    Before going for a face-to-face interview with the company representative you need to clear some rounds, and a written aptitude test is one of them. It is also known as screening round.
  • Must have domain-specific technical skills:
    Before attending an interview, prepare yourself for technical skills, as a company always looks for a skilled candidate. So when you are applying for a job, firstly check the requirements of the company and prepare yourself accordingly.
  • Prepare with good communication skills.
    A communication skill plays an important role during an interview. You must be able to confidently communicate with the interviewer to get placed in that company.
    You might have strong technical skills but unless you can't explain that skill you cannot get the job.

Recruitment procedure of a company:

Now let's proceed on what is the complete recruitment process of a company. Here we will discuss a common procedure which may differ slightly for some companies.

It is a procedure which is common for most of the top IT companies like HCL, Wipro, Adobe, Accenture, Cognizant, Capgemini, etc.

The complete recruitment process of a company goes through various rounds candidate goes for next round after clearing the current round, these are given below:

  1. Written/Aptitude test
  2. Technical interview round
  3. Hr interview round

1. Written/Aptitude test:

The first round for most of the companies is written round. This round is screening round and easy to crack. It consists of mainly four sections:

  • English proficiency
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Technical written test

Each section contains approximately 20-30 number of multiple choice questions which you need to complete in a given time limit.

You can prepare for this round from RS. Agrawal book, or from following links:

Verbal Ability

2. Technical interview Round:

The next round is a technical interview. This is a face-to-face interview round, in which candidates are selected on the basis of their technical skills. In this round, candidates can be asked questions on various programming languages such as C, C++, Java, HTML, JavaScript, data-structure, etc.

Following are some links from where you can prepare for this round:

C Interview Questions
C++ Interview Questions
Data Structure Interview Questions
Networking Interview Questions
Core Java Interview Questions

3. HR interview round:

The HR interview round is the last round where candidates are judged on the basis of their communication skills, soft skills, confidence level, etc.

This is easy but an important round because it can easily get you in the company or may be disqualified from that company so a positive attitude and confidence are two key points for cracking this round.

There are some mostly asked HR questions which you can learn from the below link:

Job Interview Questions

Company Interview questions:

Following are the interview question links for Top it companies like Adobe, Accenture, iGate, IBM, etc.

IBM Interview Questions Infosys Interview Questions Capgemini Interview Questions Cognizant Interview Questions Wipro Interview Questions Accenture Interview Questions
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