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Intuit Recruitment Process

About Company

Intuit Inc. is a business and financial Software Company that creates and offers monetary, bookkeeping and duty planning programming and related administrations for small businesses, accountants and people. The organization was established in 1983, headquartered in Mountain View, California. Notwithstanding the United States, the organization has workplaces in eight nations around the world i.e. UK, Australia, France, Singapore, India, Brazil, Canada, and Israel.

Intuit produces TurboTax, a customer tax application, the private company accounting program QuickBooks, professional tax solutions ProConnect Tax Online, ProSeries and Lacerate, and multiple payroll products.

In June 2013, Intuit reported that it would sell its monetary administrations unit to private equity firm Thomas Bravo for $1.03 billion.

In June 2015, Intuit laid off roughly 5% of its workforce as a component of reorganization.

As of May 2018, Intuit had more than US$5 billion in yearly income and a market capitalization of about US$50 billion.

In August 2018, CEO Brad D. Smith declared that he would venture down as Intuit's CEO at the end of 2018. The organization declared that Sasan Goodarzi would turn into Intuit's CEO toward the start of 2019. Smith will remain executive of Intuit's leading group of directors.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. 70 percent or above in B.Tech, Class X and XII.
  2. No backlog at the time of Interview.

Recruitment Process:

Intuit conducts 3 rounds to select fresher as Software Engineer in their organization.

  1. Written Round.
  2. Technical Round
  3. HR Round

The pattern of Written Exams:

Sections No of Question
Aptitude 25
Technical 35
English 20
Total 80

The total time given to Question is 1 hour 20 minutes. There is no negative marking in the exam.

Written Round: The Written Round consists of three major sections namely General Aptitude Test, Coding Test, and English Assessment Test. There is no timer as each question as the first round.

Technical Round: In this round, you should be prepared with Data Structure, JAVA, Operating System, OOPs Concepts and updated technology like Python and Data Mining.

HR Rounds

Sometimes they asked HR question like:

  1. Tell us about yourself.
  2. Why do you want to work for our company?
  3. What are your Strength and Weakness?
  4. What makes you angry?
  5. Question asked from Resume.
  6. How quickly do you adopt new technology?

Question asked in Intuit

  1. What is the purpose of Exception Handling?
  2. What are the uses of Pointers?
  3. Define fully functional Dependency.
  4. Differentiate between Structure and Union.
  5. Define B tree.
  6. What are the advantages of Data Warehouse?
  7. Differentiate between DBMS and RDBMS.
  8. What do you understand by asymptotic notation?
  9. What is singleton Class?
  10. Can we have Private Constructor in java?

Intuit Aptitude Questions

Compound Interest-Data Sufficiency

1) What will be the compound interest earned on a sum of Rs. 5000 in 2 years?

(i). the simple interest on the equal sum at the same rate of interest in 5 years is Rs. 2000.

(ii). the compound interest and the simple interest collect in one year is the same.

(iii). the amount becomes more than double on compound interest in 10 years.

  1. I only
  2. I and II only
  3. II and III only.
  4. I and III only.

Answer: A

2) Two candidates came to an examination. One of them gets 9 marks more than the other and his marks were 56% of the number of their marks. The marks accomplish by them are:

  1. 49, 40
  2. 42, 33
  3. 41, 42
  4. None of these.

Answer: B

Let their marks are (x+9) and x
Intuit Interview Questions
25(x + 9) = 14(2x + 9)
So, their marks are 42 and 33.

3) The differentiate among a two-digit number and the number collect by interchanging the positions of its digits is 36. What are the differences amongst the two digits of that number?

  1. 4
  2. 5
  3. 6
  4. can't determine.

Answer: A

Let the ten's digit be x and unit's digit be y.
Then, (10x + y) - (10y + x) = 36
9(x - y) = 36
x - Y = 4.

4) The differentiate amongst a two-digit number and the number collect by interchanging the digits is 36. What are the differences amongst the sum and the difference of the integer of the number if the ratio between the digits of the number is 1: 2?

  1. 4
  2. 8
  3. 16
  4. None

Answer: B

Since the number is greater than the number collect on reversing the number, so the ten's digit is greater than the unit's digit.
Let ten's and unit's digits are 2x and x respectively.
Then, (10 x 2x + x) - (10x + 2x) = 36
9x = 36
Required difference = (2x + x) - (2x - x) = 2x = 8.

5) The investor's discount on Rs. 1600 at 15% per annum is the equal as a true discount on Rs. 1680 for a similar time and at an equal rate. The time is:

  1. 3 months
  2. 4 months
  3. 7 months
  4. 8 months

Answer: B

S.I. on Rs. 1600 = T.D. on Rs. 1680.
Rs. 1600 is the P.W. of Rs. 1680, i.e., Rs. 80 is on Rs. 1600 at 15%.
Intuit Interview Questions

6) In covering a distance of 30 km, Abhay takes 2 hours greater than Sameer. If Abhay extends his speed, then he would take 1 hour less than Sameer. Abhay's speed is:

  1. 5 km/hr.
  2. 6 km/hr
  3. 7 km/hr
  4. 8 km/hr

Answer: A

Let Abhay's speed be x km/hr.
Intuit Interview Questions
6x = 30
x = 5 km/hr.

7) By using his bicycle, Robert has reached to point A at 2 P.M. if he travels at 10 kmph. He will reach there at 12 noon, if he travels at 15 kmph. At what speed must he journey to reach A at 1 P.M.?

  1. 10 km/hr.
  2. 12 km/hr
  3. 14 km/hr.
  4. None of these.

Answer: B

Let the distance traveled by x km.
Intuit Interview Questions
3x - 2x = 60
x = 60 km.
Time taken to travel 60 km at 10 km/hr= Intuit Interview Questions
So, Robert begins 6 hours before 2 P.M. i.e., at 8 A.M.
Required speed Intuit Interview Questions

8) Two trains are running at 40 km/hr and 20 km/hr respectively in the same line. Fast train absolutely passes a man sitting on the slower train in 5 seconds. What is the length of the fast train?

  1. A.23m
  2. 27m
  3. 27 7/9m
  4. None

Answer: C

9) A man purchases a book for Rs.29.50 and offers it for Rs 31.10. Discover his gain percent.

  1. 8.1%
  2. 5.4%
  3. 9.8%
  4. 2.4%

Answer: B

So we have C.P. = 29.50
S.P. = 31.10
Gain = 31.10 - 29.50 = Rs. 1.6
Intuit Interview Questions

10) Two stations A and B are 110 km apart on a horizontal line. One train begins from A at 7 a.m. and travels towards B at 20 km ph. Another train begins from B at 8 a.m. and travels towards A at a speed of 25 km ph. At what time will they meet?

  1. 9 am
  2. 10 am
  3. 10.30 am
  4. 11 am

Answer: B

Suppose they meet x hours after 7 a.m.
Distance covered by A in x hours = 20x km.
Distance surfaced by B in (x - 1) hours = 25(x - 1) km.
20x + 25(x - 1) = 110
45x = 135
x = 3.
So, they meet at 10 a.m.

11) There are two examinations class A and B. If 10 candidates are appointed from A to B, then the number of candidates in each room is the same. If 20 candidates are appointed from B to A, then the number of students in A is double the number of students in B. The number of students in room A is:

  1. 20
  2. 40
  3. 100
  4. 80

Answer: C

Let the number of candidates in rooms A and B be x and y respectively.
Then, x - 10 = y + 10 x - y = 20.
And x + 20 = 2(y - 20) x - 2y = -60.
Solving (i) and (ii) we get: x = 100, y = 80.
A = 100.

12) An amount of Rs. 1360 has been divided between A, B and C such that A gets 2/3 of what B gets and B gets 1/4 of what C gets. B's share is:

  1. 120
  2. 140
  3. 160
  4. None of these.

Answer: C

13) What percent is 2 minutes 24second of an hour?

  1. 2%
  2. 4%
  3. 6%
  4. 8%

Answer: B


14) The ratio of investment of A: B is 8:7 and the ratio of year-end profits is 20:21. If B invested for 12 months, then find the period of investment of A.

  1. 8 month.
  2. 6 month.
  3. 10 month.
  4. 12 month.

Answer: C

Let A invest for x month A=8x
B=7*12=84 months

15) A boat running upstream takes 8 hours 48 minutes to cover a specific distance, while it takes 4 hours to cover a similar distance running downstream. What is the proportion between the speed of the boat and the speed of the water current and flow individually?

  1. 2: 1
  2. 3: 2
  3. 8: 3
  4. Can't be resolved
  5. None of these

Answer: C

16) A man pushes downstream 30 km and upstream 18 km, taking 5 hours each time. What is the speed of the stream (current)?

  1. 1.2 km/hr
  2. 1.7 km/hr
  3. 2.8 km/hr
  4. 4.8 km/hr.

Answer: A

Let x=speed of boat and y=speed of current
=30/ (x + y) =18/(x-y) =5 by solving y=1.2 km/hr

17) A man wants to sell his scooter. There are two proposals; one at Rs. 12,000 amount and the other a credit of Rs. 12,880 to be paid after 8 months. The current interest rate for money is 18% per annum. Which is the better proposal?

  1. Rs 12000 in cash.
  2. Rs 12000 in credit
  3. Both are equally good
  4. None of these.

Answer: A

18) Goods were acquired for Rs. 600 and sold the equal for Rs. 688.50 at a credit of 9 months and thus profit 2%.The rate of interest per annum is:

  1. 16 2/3%
  2. 15 1/3%
  3. 14 1/3%
  4. None

Answer: A

19) Look at this set: 53, 53, 40, 40, 27, 27, what integer should come next?

  1. 12
  2. 14
  3. 16
  4. 18

Answer: B

20) Choose odd one.

1, 4, 9, 16, 20, 36, 49

  1. 1
  2. 10
  3. 20
  4. 9

Answer: C

The pattern is 12, 22, 32, 42, 52, 62, 72. But, alternatively, of 52, it is 20 which to be turned out.

21) A can contain a combination of two liquids A and B in the proportion of 7: 5. When 9 liters of dough are drawn off and the can is filled with B, the ratio of A and B becomes 7: 9. How many liters of liquid A were contained by the can initially?

  1. 10
  2. 20
  3. 21
  4. 25

Answer: C

22) A milk dealer has 2 bottles of milk. The first contains 25% water and the rest milk. The second contains 50% water. How much milk should he combine from each of the containers so as to get 12 liters of milk such that the ratio of water to milk is 3: 5?

  1. 6 liters, 6 liters.
  2. 6 liters, 5 liters.
  3. 5 liters, 6 liters.
  4. None.

Answer: A

23) A is twice as fast as B is thrice as fast as C. The journey covered by C in 42 minutes, then what will be the time taken by A?

  1. 21 min
  2. 64 min
  3. 17 min
  4. 40 min

Answer: C

Intuit Technical Questions

1) Find out the Output of the Program:

    int main ()
    int a=300,b, c;
    if (a>=400)
    printf ("%d %d\n",b, c);
    return 0;

  1. B will contain some garbage value and c will equal to 200.
  2. C will contain some garbage value and b will equal to 300.
  3. No Error
  4. None of these.

Answer: A

2) Find out the Output of the Program:

   int main()
    int a=500,b,c;
    if (a>=400)
    printf ("%d %d\n",b,c);
    return 0;

  1. 200, 300
  2. 300, 200
  3. No Output
  4. None of these.

Answer: B

3) Find out the error of the program:

int main()
    int j=10,k=12;
  return 0;

  1. No Error
  2. There should be at least semicolon in main () method.
  3. None of Above.

Answer: A

4) Find out the error of the program:

int main()
   int i=1;
   for (;;)
     Printf ("%d\n", i++);
     If (i>10)
   return 0;

  1. There should be a condition in for loop
  2. The two semicolons should be discarded.
  3. No Error.
  4. None of above.

Answer: C

5) Find out the Output of the Program:

int main()
    int x=4,y,z;
    printf ("%d %d %d\n", x ,y ,z);

  1. 2 3 3
  2. 3 2 3
  3. 2 2 3
  4. None of Above

Answer: A

6) The result of evaluating the postfix expression 5, 4, 6, +, *, 4, 9, 3, /, +, * is?

  1. 600
  2. 350
  3. 650
  4. 588

Answer: B

7) In linked list, individual node contains a minimum of two fields. One field is data field to save the data second field is?

  1. Pointer to character
  2. Pointer to integer
  3. Pointer to node
  4. Node

Answer: C

8) A normal queue, if actualize using an array of size MAX_SIZE, gets full when

  1. Rear = MAX_SIZE - 1
  2. Front = (rear + 1) mod MAX_SIZE
  3. Front = rear + 1
  4. Rear = front

Answer: A

9) Given is the Node class implementation. Select one of the following that correctly inserts a node at the tail of the list.

public class My Class
    Protected int data;
    Protected Node prev;
    Protected Node next;
    public Node (int data)
      this. data = data;
      prev = null;
      next = null;
    public Node (int data, Node prev, Node next)
      this. data = data;
      this.prev = prev;
      this. next = next;
    public int get Data()
      return data;
    public void set Data(int data)
      this. data = data;
    Public Node getPrev ()
      return prev;
    public void setPrev (Node prev)
      this. Prev = prev;
    public Node get Next
      return next;
    public void set Next(Node next)
      this. next = next;
public class DLL
    Protected Node head;
    Protected Node tail;
    int length;
    public DLL ()
      head = new Node (Integer.MIN_VALUE, null, null);
      tail = new Node (Integer.MIN_VALUE, null,null);
      head.setNext (tail);
      Length = 0;

  1. public void insert Rear (int data)
        Node node = new Node (data, tail.getPrev (), tail);
        node.getPrev ().set Next (node);
        tail.setPrev (node);
  2. public void insert Rear (int data)
        Node node = new Node (data, tail.getPrev (), tail);
        node.getPrev ().get Prev ().set Next (node);
        tail.setPrev (node);
  3. public void insert Rear (int data)
        Node node = new Node (data, tail. Get Prev (), tail);
        node.getPrev ().set Next (tail);
        tail.setPrev (node);
  4. public void insert Rear (int data)
        Node node = new Node (data, head, tail);
        node.getPrev ().set Next (node);
        tail.setPrev (node);

Answer: A

10) Which of following function make use of Circular Linked list?

  1. Undo Operation in a text editor.
  2. Recursive function calls.
  3. Allocating CPU to resources.
  4. None of Above.

Answer: C

11) In linked list implementation of a queue, front and rear pointers are followed. Which of those pointers will modify until an insertion into a NONEMPTY queue?

  1. Only front pointer
  2. Only rear pointer
  3. Both front and rear pointer
  4. None of the mentioned

Answer: B

12) How do you allocate a matrix using a single pointer in C?(r and c are the integers of rows and columns respectively)

  1. int *arr = malloc(r * c * size of(int));
  2. int *arr = (int *) malloc (r * c * size of(int));
  3. int *arr = (int *)malloc(r + c * size of(int));
  4. int *arr = (int *)malloc(r * c * size of (arr));

Answer: B

13) What is the disadvantage of matrices?

  1. Internal complexity
  2. Searching through a matrix is complex
  3. Not space efficient
  4. All of the above

Answer: D

14) What does the following declaration mean?

int (*ptr)[10];

  1. ptr is an array of pointer to 10 integers.
  2. ptr is a pointer to an array of 10 numbers
  3. ptr is an array of 10 integers.
  4. None of above.

Answer: B

15) Is it possible to implore Garbage Collector explicitly?

  1. yes
  2. No

Answer: A

16) Is it possible for you to prevent an object from being created by using zero-argument constructors?

  1. yes
  2. No

Answer: A

17) Would you be able to consolidate the accompanying two statements into one?

Char *p;

p = (char*) malloc (100);

  1. char p = *malloc (100);
  2. char *p = (burn) malloc (100);
  3. char *p = (char*) malloc (100);
  4. char *p = (burn *) (malloc*) (100);

Answer: C

18) Which of the statement is right about the program?

int primary()
    int i=10;
    int *j=&i;
    return 0;

  1. j and I are pointers to an int
  2. i is a pointer to an int and stores address of j
  3. j is a pointer to an int and stores address of I
  4. j is a pointer to a pointer to an int and stores address of I

Answer: C

19) What type of join is utilized when you wish to add rows that do not have identical values?

  1. Equi Join
  2. Natural Join
  3. Outer Join
  4. All of the above.

Answer: C

20) Which of the following is true regarding system data in an RDBMS?

  1. RDBMS saved database definition information in system-created tables.
  2. This data can be accessed using SQL.
  3. This data often cannot be updated by a user.
  4. All of the above.

Answer: D

21) Data scrubbing is which of the following?

  1. A process to deny data from the data warehouse and to create the necessary indexes.
  2. A process to contents the data in the data warehouse and to create the necessary indexes.
  3. A process to enhance the quality of information after it is changed into a data warehouse.
  4. A process to enhance the quality of data before it is changed into a data warehouse.

Answer: D

22) An operational system is which of the following?

  1. A system that is used to bind the business in real time and is based on historical data.
  2. A system that is used to bind the business in real time and is based on current data.
  3. A system that is used to support the decision making and is based on current data.
  4. All of the above.

Answer: B

23) Data in operational systems are consistently fragmented and inconsistent.

  1. True
  2. False

Answer: A

24) Every key utilized to join the fact table with a dimensional table will be a surrogate key.

  1. True
  2. False

Answer: A

25) What does FSF stand for?

  1. Free Software File
  2. File Server First
  3. Free Software Foundation
  4. None of above.

Answer: C

26) What command is used to count just the number of lines contained in a file?

  1. wc - r
  2. wc-w
  3. wc-I
  4. None of above

27) Which class network is used for a collection of a small number of networks with a large number of nodes?

  1. Class A
  2. Class B
  3. Class C
  4. Class D
  5. All of above

Answer: A

28) What does OSS stand for?

  1. Open System Software
  2. Original Source Software
  3. Open Source Software
  4. None of above.

Answer: C

29) The command chmod 761 letter is equal to

  1. chmod 4=7, g = 6, o = 1 letter
  2. chmod a = 761 letter
  3. chmod u = rwx, g = rw, o = x letter
  4. None of above

Answer: C

30) What command is used with vi editors to move forward to the end of a word?

  1. c
  2. d
  3. b
  4. e

Answer: D

31) Which command is used to display the top of the file?

  1. cat
  2. head
  3. more
  4. None of above

Answer: B

32) Which command is used to copy all files having the string chap and any two characters after that to the programs directory?

  1. A.cp chap?? Progs
  2. cp chap* progs
  3. cp chap?? /progs/*
  4. None of above

Answer: A

33) In which of the storage placement strategies a program is placed in the largest available hole in the main memory?

  1. best fit
  2. worst fit
  3. buddy
  4. None

Answer: C

34) In analyzing the compilation of PL/I program, the term "Machine independent optimization" is associated with

  1. recognition of basic syntactic constructs through reductions.
  2. recognition of basic elements and establishment of uniform symbols.
  3. creational of the more optional matrix.
  4. None

Answer: C

35) If special forms are needed for printing the output, the programmer specifies these forms through?

  1. JCL
  2. JPL
  3. Load Modules
  4. None

Answer: A

English Questions

Ordering of sentences: Here, S1 is the first sentence and S6 is the final.

1) S1: And then Gandhi came.

P: Get off the backs of these laborers and specialists, he let us know, all you who live by their abuse.

Q: He resembled a great current of natural air, similar to a light emission, similar to a tornado that bombshell numerous things.

R: He talked their language and always does their consideration regarding their shocking conditions.

S: He didn't plummet from the best; he appeared to rise up out of the majority of India.

S6: Political opportunity took new shape and after that gained another substance.

The Proper sentence should to be:

  1. QSRP
  2. SRQP
  3. RSQP
  4. PRSQ

Answer: B

2) S1: Biological development has not fitted man to a particular situation.

P: It is in no way, shape or form an organic development, yet it is a social one.

Q: His creative ability, his reason, his passionate nuance and strength, makes it feasible for him not to acknowledge nature but rather to change.

R: And that arrangement of developments by which man from age by age has reshaped his condition is an alternate sort of advancement.

S: among the huge number of creatures which hasten, tunnel swim around us he is in the special case who isn't secured to his condition.

S6: That splendid arrangement of social pinnacles can most suitably be named the rising of man.

The Proper sentence should to be:

  1. QPRS
  2. SRQP
  3. QRSP
  4. SQRP

Answer: C

3) S1: The dictionary is the closest companion of you assignment.

P: That may not be conceivable dependably.

Q: It is wise to find it instantly.

R: Then it must be solidly composed on the memory and followed at the primary chance.

S: Never enable an interesting word to pass unchallenged.

S6: soon you will understand this is an energizing undertaking.

The Proper sentence should to be:

  1. PQRS
  2. SPQR
  3. QRPS
  4. SQPR

Answer: D

4) S1: In 1934, William Golding distributed a little volume of poems.

P: During the World War II (1939-45) he joined the Royal Navy and was available at the sinking of the Bismarck.

Q: He came back to educating in 1945 and surrendered it in 1962, and is currently full time water.

R: In 1939, he wedded and began instructing at Bishop Wordsworth School in Salisbury.

S: At first his books were not acknowledged.

S6: But the Lord of the records which turned out in 1954 was invited as "a most retaining and informative story".

The Proper sentence should to be:

  1. RPQS
  2. RPSQ
  3. SRPQ
  4. SQPR

Answer: A

Change of Speech:

5) He shouted with delight that India had won the Sahara Cup.

  1. He said, "India has won the Sahara Cup"
  2. He said, "India won the Sahara Cup"
  3. He said, "How! India will win the Sahara Cup"
  4. He said, "Hurrah! India has won the Sahara Cup"

Answer: D

6) The young lady said to her mom, "Did the sun rise in the East?"

  1. The young lady said to her mom that the sun rose in the East.
  2. The young lady asked as to whether the sun rose in the East.
  3. The young lady said to her mom if the sun rises in the East.
  4. The young lady asked as to whether the sun is in the East.

Answer: B

7) The man said, "No, I declined to presents blame."

  1. The man emphatically declined to presents blame.
  2. The man declined to presents his blame.
  3. The man told that he didn't presents blame.
  4. The man was sufficiently enough to presents blame.

Answer: A

Completing Statement

8) With incredible endeavors his child prevailing with regards to persuading him not to give his whole riches to an Orphanage.

  1. and lead the life of a well off shipper
  2. but to a home for the spurned kids
  3. and make a orphan of himself
  4. as the shelter required a considerable measure of gifts
  5. as the shelter had been set up by him

Answer: C

9) He generally stammers in public meeting, however his the present discourse.

  1. was genuinely capable of being heard to everybody present in the corridor
  2. was not got tastefully
  3. could not be seen legitimately
  4. was not enjoyed by the gathering of people
  5. was free from that deformity

Answer: E

10) despite the fact that it is vast house,

  1. there is a great deal of room accessible in it for youngsters
  2. there is not really any space accessible for youngsters
  3. there is no deficiency of room for kids
  4. the workers set aside a long opportunity to clean it
  5. the civil charges on it are exceptionally cheerful

Answer: B

Technical Interview Questions

1) What is the purpose of Exception Handling?

The purpose of exception handling is providing means to detect and report exceptional circumstances so that appropriate action can be taken.

2) Differentiate between Throw and Throws.

Throw Throws
1. Java throw keyword is used to explicitly throw an exception. 1. Java throws keyword is used to declare an exception.
2. A Throw is followed by an instance. 2. Throws are followed by a class.
3. A Throw is used within the method. 3. Throws are used within method signature.
4. You cannot throw multiple exceptions. 4. You can declare multiple exceptions e.g. public void method () throws IO Exceptions, SQL Exceptions.

3) What are the uses of Pointers?

  1. Access the address of variables, array elements, and objects.
  2. Pass function as arguments to a function.
  3. Create dynamic objects.
  4. Obtain memory from the system.

4) What is Polymorphism?

Polymorphism refers to the ability of one thing to take many distinct forms.

There are two types of Polymorphism:

  1. Compile Time Polymorphism (Static Binding): Static Binding means that code associated with the function call is linked at compile time. Static Binding is also known as Compile time polymorphism.
  2. Runtime Polymorphism (Dynamic Binding): Dynamic means that code associated with the function call is linked at run-time. Dynamic Binding is also known as Runtime polymorphism.

5) What is Encapsulation?

The wrapping up of data and function into each unit is known as Encapsulation.

6) Differentiate between Structure and Union.

Structure Union
1. The keyword struct is needed to define a structure. 1. The keyword union is needed to define a structure.
2. In structure, each memory has its own storage location. 2. In Union, all memory of union uses the same location.
3. An Individual member can be accessed at a time. 3. Only one member can be accessed at a time.

7) Define fully functional Dependency.

In a relation R, an attribute Y is said to be fully functional dependent on attribute X. It is functionally dependent on X and not functionally dependent on any proper subset of X.

8) Define B-tree

A B-tree is a balanced M way tree. A node of the B tree may contain many keys and pointer to children.

A B-tree of order m is an M way tree that satisfies the following condition:

  1. All leaf nodes are on the same level.
  2. The root node has at least 2 children and at most m children.
  3. All internal nodes have at least (mdiv2) children and at most m children.
  4. The number of data items stored in each node is one less than the number of children.

Fig shows the B-tree of order 3

Intuit Interview Questions

A B-Tree is also known as Balanced Sort tree.

9) What is Object-Oriented Data Model?

An Object-Oriented Data Model is a logical organization of the real World objects constraints on them and the relationship among objects.

An Object-Oriented Data Model consists of:

  1. Static properties such as objects, attributes, and relationships.
  2. Integrity rules over objects and operations and
  3. Dynamic properties such as an operation on rules defining new database states based on applied state changes.

10) What is the disadvantage of OODBMS?

The Disadvantage of OODBMS are:

  1. Lack of ad-hoc queries.
  2. Lack of Universal Data Model.
  3. Lack of support for views and Security.
  4. Query Optimization compromises encapsulation.

11) What is Data warehouse?

"A data warehouse can be defined as any centralized data repository which can be queried for business profit".

12. What are the advantages of Data Warehouse?

The Main advantage of data warehousing are:

  1. High return on investment.
  2. More cost-effective decision making.
  3. Competitive advantage.
  4. Enhanced Customer Service.
  5. Business and Information Reengineering.

13. What are the limitations of warehouses?

Some limitation of Data warehousing is:

  1. High Cost.
  2. High maintenance cost.
  3. The Complexity of Integration.
  4. Increased end user demands.

14) Differentiate between DBMS and RDBMS.

1. Concepts of relationship are missing. 1. Based on Concepts of relationship.
2. Very less hardware and Software needed. 2. Very high hardware and Software needed.
3. Very slow speed. 3. Very high speed.
4. Uses the concept of files. 4. Uses the concept of tables.
5.DOS platform is used 5. DOS, UNIX, and WINDOW Platform are used.
6. E.g. are Dbase and FoxBASE. 6. E.g. are Oracle, Focus and Ingres etc.

15) What is Data structure?

A Data structure is a method for arranging the information with the goal that the information can be utilized effectively. Various types of Data structures are suited to various types of utilizations and some are profoundly specialized to specific tasks.

16) What is the need of an Algorithm?

  1. To understand the basic idea of the problem.
  2. To find the approach to solve the problem.
  3. To improve the efficiency of existing techniques.
  4. To understand the principle of designing.

17) What do you understand by asymptotic notation?

Asymptotic notations are used to write fastest and slowest possible running time for an algorithm. These are also referred to as 'best case 'and 'worst case' scenarios respectively. "In asymptotic notations, we derive the complexity in terms of the size of the input. (Example in terms of n)"

"These notations are important because without expanding the cost of running the algorithm, we can estimate the complexity of the algorithms"

18) Differentiate between NULL and VOID

Null is a value, whereas Void is a data type identifier. A variable that is given a Null value indicates an empty value. The void is used to identify pointers as having no initial size.

19) What is singleton Class?

Singleton Class limited the number to one but allowing the flexibility to create more object if the situation changes.

20) Can we have Private Constructor in java?

Private Constructor is used if you do not want other class to instantiate the object. Private Constructor is used in Singleton design Pattern, Factory Method Design Pattern.

HR Questions

1) Tell me about yourself

My name is Ginni Bhatia. I am from Haryana. I have done Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering. I did my academic project on technologies like machine learning and Python. I am good in java, and C programming language. As my family background is considered, we are 4 members in the family. My father is an electronic shopkeeper, my mother is a homemaker, and I have one sibling. My strength is that I am a self-learner & have a positive mind. My weakness is, I don't take rest until my work is finished.

2) Why do you want to work for our company?

It is a great honor for me to work in a prestigious company which helps me for a better career.

3) What software packages are you familiar with?

I have a good knowledge of SQL Server, MySQL, LINUX, UNIX, DATA WAREHOUSE, DATA MINING, JAVA etc.

4) How much Salary do you expect?

I can expect something which I can meet my expenses.

5) Can you work under pressure?

Yes, because it motivates me to do my best.

6) What is the difference between Confidence and Over-Confidence?

Confidence- I can do it.

Over-Confidence: Only I can do it.

7) What is the difference between hard work and smart work?

Hard work is very necessary for your life because without hard work, you can't be able to do smart work.

8) Who has inspired you in your life and why?

My mother is my inspiration because she always shows me the way to live. She always guides me to achieve success in every matter of my life.

9) What are your Strength and weakness?

My strength is that I am honest, sincere, and responsible. My weakness is that I am lazy.

10) What makes you angry?

I am getting angry when someone putting me down.

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