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Javatpoint offers you a online test exams or quizzes to start with. You may play online tests on Java, Servlet, JSP, SQL, OCJP, OCWCD, Android, Struts 2 etc. subjects.

  • We provide 100% assurance to clear OCJP and OCWCD Certification exams.
  • There are given practice test papers, so login is not required.
  • You may promote yourself and get points for each quiz. To do so, start playing belt series quizzes.

Java and Android Online Test

Core Java Quiz Servlet Quiz JSP Quiz Struts2 Quiz Android Quiz

Hibernate Online Test

Hibernate Quiz

Spring Online Test

Spring Quiz

Java Certification Online Test


SQL Online Test

SQL Quiz

C Online Test

C Quiz

Cloud Computing Online Test

Cloud Computing Quiz

Javascript Online Test

Javascript Quiz

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