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Write a program to find the Area of Tetrahedron

Before writing the program of calculating the area of a tetrahedron in different programming languages, firstly we have to know about what is tetrahedron and its formula.

What is Tetrahedron?

Tetrahedron is simply a polyhedron shape, which has 4 triangular faces, four vertices, and six edges. If the faces are all congruent equilateral triangles, then the tetrahedron is called regular.

Area of Tetrahedron

Program of calculating the area of a tetrahedron in different Programming languages

Program 1: Write a Program in C language:

Output of Above C program:

Enter the side of the tetrahedron:5
Surface area of the tetrahedron is: 43.301270

Program 2: Write a Program in Java language:

Output of Above Java program:

The area of a tetrahedron is:

Program 3: Write a Program in PHP programming language.

Output of Above PHP program:


Program 4: Write a Program in Python programming language.

Output of Above Python program:


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