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XSLT <xsl:sort> Element

The XSLT <xsl:sort> element is used to specify a sort criteria on the nodes. It displays the output in sorted form.

The <xml:sort> element is added inside the <xsl:for-each> element in the XSL file, to sort the output.

Parameter explanation

Index Name Description
1) select It is used for sorting key of the node.
2) lang It specifies language alphabet used to determine sort order.
3) data-type It specifies data-type of the text.
4) order It is used to specify the sorting order. By default sorting order is ascending order.
5) case-order It is used to specify sorting order of string by capitalization. Default is "upper-first".

XSLT <xsl:sort> Element Example

Let's take an example to create a table of <employee> element with its attribute "id" and its child <firstname> , <lastname> , <nickname> , and <salary> by iterating over each student sort them by last name.




XSLT Xsl Sort element 1

Note: The above table is sorted by Last Name.

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