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Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube

Social media plays an increasingly significant part in people's lives because users spend lots of time online and consider social media to be an important source of information on topics that users are interested in. YouTube, as one of the most popular social media platforms, allows users to post their videos online, set up their channels, and thus create virtual communities that are united by similar interests.

YouTube can also be a source of promoting people and ideas as users can use social media platforms to put forward themselves and their thoughts. In this case, one of the main advantages of YouTube is its ability to perform because the people who upload their videos on YouTube concentrate on their performance. In other words, they won't draw much attention and are practically useless for all others who use YouTube but for the creators of the videos.

Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube

Therefore, the performance isn't only a distinctive characteristic of YouTube but is also a crucial element of the success of any video that is published on YouTube as the public is too concerned about the quality of the videos, which leads to the inability of viewers to see crucial and critical concerns. In contrast, performance becomes more important than the social and cultural value of messages and videos posted on YouTube.

In this way, the performance of YouTube can have a negative impact; on the one hand, YouTube's performativity makes it an attractive and powerful social media, allowing the sharing of information in visual form by people worldwide. Still, on the other hand, YouTube performativity has a detrimental impact on social and legal or ethical standards because a lot of the videos posted on YouTube violate fundamental rights like copyright and privacy as well as violate ethical standards. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of YouTube in a more detailed manner.

Advantages of Youtube

The pros and cons of YouTube for businesses and students, the audience, and the general public vary because the platform is used to serve a range of different causes. Let's take a look at the advantages of YouTube from various points of view.

1. YouTube as an information disseminating platform for students

Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube

It's the perfect place to learn and gain expertise. With online videos and "how to do" tricks, gaining knowledge is simple. In the process, YouTube is now the second largest source of information after Google. According to the most recent data, YouTube has around 2.3 billion active users as of 2021.

Millions of viewers watch YouTube videos daily, and more than 70 percent of YouTube watching is on mobile devices. There are many YouTube benefits for students in the automotive, IT engineering, financial and Medical fields. There is an expert YouTube channel for every area.

2. YouTube's user-friendliness

If you're interested in food, religion, culture, or parenting tips, there's a channel on YouTube that will offer online help. It's not just for professionals or pupils; YouTube is made for anyone to find what they enjoy. From pet lovers to homemakers, anyone can find content suitable to their interests. YouTube will keep the content informative and stimulating.

3. YouTube for Brand Promotion

YouTube videos have been an effective branding method for many businesses, especially during the lockdown. There are a lot of promotional videos from major business companies such as Redbull, shopping mode, Apple, BMW, Motorola, and many more.

With thousands of people using the platform, they are potential buyers too. Building a brand is the simplest method on the top platform. Millions of companies use this method, whether directly or through collaboration with influencers.

4. YouTube benefits talented people

If you think that you're specializing in something, then you are worthy of attention. The time is right to launch your own channel and be awestruck by viewers from all over the world. DIY and craft projects are searched for constantly. YouTubers with millions of subscribers show off their expertise by creating stunning projects, whether it's woodworking or Scotty Kilmer's automotive techniques. All you need to do is be focused on your passions and then roll out your ideas in videos that demonstrate how your work is beneficial in everyday life.

5. Easy Earning is at the very top of the list of YouTube benefits for Vloggers

Everyone is interested in the opportunity to turn their passion into a profit. This is exactly the kind of thing Youtube can offer any creator who has viewers. If your channel is populated with viewers and interesting content, you'll benefit the most from a YouTube Channel.

You can make money through your YouTube channel after it has reached the point of eligibility. It's easy to upload your content on the platform, and you can handle it all on your own. It is not necessary to invest in expensive equipment or accessories.

Disadvantages of YouTube

Apart from the advantages and benefits, there are also some negative aspects of YouTube for both YouTubers and viewers. There have been numerous instances have been reported concerning content censorship because it is detrimental to students as well as society. The following elements can be attributed to the negatives of Youtube from various points of View-

1. Ads- a drawback of YouTube for the audience

There are some distinct disadvantages of watching YouTube videos, which include a lot of commercials. It is possible to skip your mainstream. However, you're often required to watch commercials lasting between 15 and 20 seconds. This isn't just a time-waster, but it can be irritating at times. Another issue that is associated with YouTube is that it requires you to pay a charge if you would like to view ads-free content.

2. A lot of distraction

The platform is updated with new content each minute, making it difficult to avoid engaging and interesting videos. When you begin viewing Youtube videos, you'll be able to continue watching more videos in the "Related Videos" section.

According to research done by the collective, the issue of distraction while driving can be a worldwide problem that kills and injures thousands of people each year. There are fatal outcomes of driving while being distracted by videos that depict a negative image of YouTube. Distraction is one of the most common disadvantages of YouTube for drivers, students, or even workers.

3. Obscenity- one of the biggest drawbacks that YouTube has

The kind of content that is uploaded on YouTube is largely in control today. The amount of people uploading videos has grown in the past five years, and it's becoming challenging for parents, as well as YouTube, to review the content. Since YouTube is a no-cost and accessible platform for anyone, children are attracted to watching videos with explicit language and obscenity.

The use of explicit images and words is common nowadays. This kind of content can be removed only when someone is notified about it. In general, YouTube acts faster against copyright issues that are reported. There are many negatives when the viewers are children as they are merely aware of how to report the issue.

4. Defamation and Bullying

It's a tool that helps the public notice you; untrustworthy people may use YouTube to harm other people's image in public. The public has begun to consider YouTube as a potential social media, particularly over the past five years.

However, YouTube also enables people to do socially interaction. While they communicate, any conversation which occurs may be considered cyber-bullying. The easiest method to reach someone on YouTube is via the comment area.

However, many users misuse the platform to spread hate and chaos via content, causing tension between users. This is even when Google requests that users be respectful in their comments.

5. Making money isn't that easy

Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube

You can sign up for a YouTube affiliate or partner program to earn. However, to be eligible for these programs, you'll need to have at minimum 1000 subscribers as well as 4,000 watching hours over the last twelve months. If you're unable to achieve this, it will come with more drawbacks to YouTube than benefits.

While it's an easy and efficient method of earning money, it won't be as if it's growing on trees. YouTube has an algorithm that will scrutinize and validate every channel's legitimacy before allowing it to be played. Therefore, if you decide to play in a way that is not legitimate, YouTube has the algorithm to catch such activities too.


There are many positive aspects to keep in mind about YouTube in comparison to the negatives. By analyzing the positives and negatives of YouTube, it is possible to get an idea of the number of users who receive the information and what percentage of them are misleading. The whole thing is based on people's interests, which is the reason YouTube exists, and so do YouTube channels.

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