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Apache Pig TOKENIZE Function

The Apache Pig TOKENIZE function is used to splits the existing string and generates a bag of words in a result.

Example of TOKENIZE Function

In this example, we split the string in the tokens.

Steps to execute TOKENIZE Function

  • Create a text file in your local machine and insert the list of tuples.
Apache Pig TOKENIZE Function
  • Check the tuples inserted in the text files.
Apache Pig TOKENIZE Function
  • Upload the text files on HDFS in the specific directory.
  • Open the pig MapReduce run mode.
  • Load the file that contains the data.
  • Now, execute and verify the data.
Apache Pig TOKENIZE Function
  • Let's return the tokenized form of the string.
Apache Pig TOKENIZE Function

Here, we got the desired output.

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