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Best Free Survey Sites

Online surveys are an excellent way to engage the audience and solicit reviews. We may use online surveys for a variety of purposes, including determining which topics the readers want to know more about:

  • Conduct market research
  • Get product feedback
  • Get customer service feedback

Survey Creators are cloud-based software that assists us in collecting valuable consumer input as well as qualitative and quantitative data. We may use these resources to find answers to a wide range of question forms, such as ranking, open-ended questions, multiple-choice questions, and so on. In this article, we are going to discuss the best free survey sites with their features.

What is Survey Site?

A survey site is a part of digital software that allows us to create and distribute thousands of surveys. The surveys provide us with data that we may use to determine what we are doing well and where we need to change. Most survey sites include sample questions and survey templates. They make it easy to integrate surveys into the website or emails. With the right tools, the consumer data collection and management process can be completely seamless.

Benefits of Survey creating sites

There are several benefits of survey-creating sites. Some of the benefits are as follows:


Research can be costly, especially when we factor in administration costs. Rather than investing in printing, postage, paper, and then manually entering collected data into a database, survey results are handled automatically online. These may be cost-effective.

Easy to use

Mostly today's interactions taking place online, and the audiences and companies also favors online surveys. Several sites have recognized this pattern and created resources that are intended to be easy to use. Survey tools are intended to give precise, quick results with minimal effort from both sides of the organization, from design and style to response and reporting.

Gather More Accurate Data

Data from online surveys is often much more reliable than data from mail polls and other polling methods. In contrast to those manually entering responses, there is no space for human error since responses go directly to an online database.

Fast Data Collection

One of the best benefits of an online survey is the magical combination of automation and high-speed internet. Data can be processed as soon as a respondent completes the survey, enabling the company to review the feedback and create actionable solutions rapidly. Many survey tool platforms provide comprehensive report filtering to help with the process.

Best Free Survey Sites

Here, we are going to discuss the best free survey sites in the world. There are various free survey sites. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Microsoft Forms
  2. SurveyNuts
  3. Google Forms
  4. SurveyPlanet
  5. Crowdsignal
  6. Typeform
  7. SurveyLegend
  8. SurveyMonkey
  9. Wufoo
  10. Zoho Survey
  11. SurveyGizmo
  12. SoGoSurvey
  13. Survs
  14. ProProfs Survey Maker
  15. HubSpot Forms

Microsoft Forms

Best Free Survey Sites

It is an online application that enables us to create surveys, polls, quizzes easily and then see the results. With rich forms, it streamlines and automates business processes.


  1. It is one of the best survey tools that may work with any other browser.
  2. It allows us to collect the responses in real-time.
  3. It automatically provides the result in the form of a chart to visualize the data.
  4. It has a variety of options for assigning points to students for automatic grading.


Best Free Survey Sites

It is an interactive survey editor that allows us to see a real-time summary of results. It allows us to construct online surveys and multiple-choice questions easily.


  1. It allows us to filters the IP addresses.
  2. We may add the images in any of the question titles.
  3. After creating a survey, we may modify it.
  4. It provides the results in several forms, including the number of votes, dynamic bar charts, percentages, etc.
  5. It gathers files from the respondents.
  6. We may share the survey with a private URL and share it on any website or social media site.

Google Form

Best Free Survey Sites

Google Forms is another tool that allows you to create an infinite number of surveys, questions, and answers. Users have access to all of Google Form's features because there is no premium version. It means we'll have access to a wide variety of custom design and data export possibilities.

It is simple to export the data with Google Form because it automatically connects with Google Sheets. With its ability to integrate free skip logic, add images and videos, and include partners, it is an obvious choice for smaller businesses looking for a wide range of features in a simple interface.


  1. It is one of the best free online survey tools that provide a wide range of question options.
  2. We may use an image or logo, and Forms also will choose the best color to finish the form.
  3. We could do a free survey and easily manage event registration or collect emails for a newsletter.
  4. It provides real-time response data and charts.


Best Free Survey Sites

The free edition of SurveyPlanet allows for an infinite number of surveys, questions, and answers. This lack of constraints makes it an ideal choice for larger companies actively looking to survey large audiences. One downside of this tool is that exporting data can be difficult unless we upgrade to their Pro edition. Keep that possibility in mind before launching a huge feedback campaign.


  1. It provides colorful themes.
  2. We may create question branching and skip logic.
  3. It provides a range of pre-written questions.
  4. We may upload the images into the surveys.
  5. It supports various languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, and many others.
  6. We may add a logo to any website.


Best Free Survey Sites

With Crowdsignal, there is no limit to the number of polls, surveys, and ratings that can be generated. The GUI is simple to use and contains 14 different types of queries, such as multiple choice and Likert scales. Conditional branching is also supported for multiple survey route options. The free edition has a limit of 2500 data points that we can accumulate before upgrading to the premium version.


  1. It is easy to create a survey using drag and drop features.
  2. Peoples may vote with the polls with just a simple one click.
  3. It enables us to share the interactive polls through email or social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many others.
  4. It allows us to customize the look and feels of the polls and surveys.
  5. We may analyze the result and export them to apps such as MS Excel and Google sheets.


Best Free Survey Sites

Typeform is a survey creator that makes it simple to collect and share information. Without any technological knowledge, we can use this application to build online surveys. This tool has one of the unique survey creation styles available. The Typeform interface is simple and appealing, and it perfectly embodies the company's slogan, "Asking questions should be simple, human, and beautiful".

The free edition includes templates, custom design themes, data export, 10 questions and 100 answers per month, and simple reporting.


  1. It allows us to create a personalized question path.
  2. We may use this tool to create a free survey on any device, including PC, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone.
  3. It allows us to create a contact form, survey, quiz, and also sell a product.
  4. It provides an engaging employee feedback survey.
  5. It has various survey design options.
  6. It is one of the best free online survey tools that enable us to integrate with many apps including, Slack, Autopilot, Trello, and many others.


Best Free Survey Sites

It is a cloud-based solution for creating mobile-friendly surveys. It allows us to distribute a survey through social media sites, blogs, email, and other channels. With SurveyLegend, we'll have access to an unlimited number of surveys, queries, and answers, as well as email sharing and embedding options. Paid models used by companies such as Samsung and Airbnb are a good option for larger businesses.


  1. It has various themes to choose from.
  2. It provides logic flows and branching.
  3. We may customize the questions according to our requirements.
  4. It allows us to share the data using a private and public link.
  5. It offers unlimited survey questions and responses.
  6. We may export the data through PDF, Google Drive, MS Excel, and many more.


Best Free Survey Sites

SurveyMonkey is a cloud-based polling tool that allows us to collect people's thoughts and opinions. It's one of the best online survey methods for analyzing data without exporting it to a particular file.

One of the most common online survey tools is SurveyMonkey. It's well-designed, easy to use, and helps us to incorporate surveys into the site. The free edition allows us to ask up to 10 questions, receive 100 responses, and choose from 13 different question forms. There are few customization options, but they do have models. The free version does not allow us to export data, but paid plans start at $25 per month.


  1. It offers automated reminders through emails.
  2. It may filter out the custom data.
  3. It accepts credit card payments.
  4. It offers chart color customization.
  5. It analyzes the data without exporting it.
  6. It is one of the best free online survey tools that gather survey responses without a WiFi connection.


Best Free Survey Sites

Wufoo is an online survey app that uses a drag-and-drop interface to design and construct online surveys and forms. It is one of the best survey methods for creating personalized and attractive type logos.


  1. It allows us to collect the data and payment.
  2. It may create and customize the online forms.
  3. It offers 256-bit SSL encryption to secure the data.
  4. It also has over 400 templates to choose the survey form.
  5. We may create a dynamic visualization with charts and graphs.
  6. It may be integrated with more than 100 applications and automate workflow.

Zoho Survey

Best Free Survey Sites

It provides an unlimited number of surveys with more than 10 questions and 100 responses. On the free plan, surveys are not flexible, and data cannot be exported. It is the best free survey creator tool. Offline surveys, email updates, enhanced reporting, and multilingual survey options are included in the paid versions, which start at $20 a month.


  1. It provides unlimited surveys.
  2. It provides only 15 survey questions at one time.
  3. It provides more than 150


Best Free Survey Sites

Survey Gizmo produces some snazzy-looking surveys, and they're a good option, even with the free edition, if we don't expect a large number of responses. It is similar to SurveyMonkey in terms of customization choices and inviting respondents.

We may customize nearly 100 different question types to suit the specific needs, and we may easily design our custom surveys. Their free plan limits us to three surveys and 100 respondents, but for $25 a month, we may get unlimited surveys and data exports.


  1. It provides unlimited questions and surveys.
  2. It offers various free templates to design the forms.
  3. It offers basic reporting.
  4. It offers over 50
  5. It has various basic question types.
  6. It offers an option to export to CSV.


Best Free Survey Sites

SoGoSurvey has a number of unique features, including multilingual survey development, customizability, and even branching logic. Their robust reporting program emphasizes the importance of input in a business's growth. It provides an unlimited number of surveys and 200 respondents and various simple features and reporting in a free plan. Furthermore, it also free provides data exporting options such as HTML, CSV, and Word.

SoGoSurvey is a website for designing, distributing, and analyzing surveys from start to finish. SoGoSurvey users would never require to find additional resources for survey-related activities because it offers a complete set of functionalities, even if they aren't paying a cent. There are various paid plans available, starting at $25 per month for the Plus tier.


  1. It provides an unlimited survey.
  2. It also offers unlimited questions.
  3. It has more than 200 respondents per year.
  4. It offers data export functionality.
  5. It is capable of embedding surveys into emails and web pages.
  6. It offers 24 unique question types.


Best Free Survey Sites

Survs is another common survey platform with clients such as Nestle and Spotify. It is intended for online communication and allows groups to build and distribute surveys. It is a collaboration platform that allows groups to create and distribute surveys. Passwords can be added to safe surveys, and brand models can be used, and skip logic can be used.

The free edition allows us to create unlimited surveys with up to 10 questions and 20 answers and more customization options than most other free survey software. It also has paid plans that start at $19 per month and allow us to password-protect surveys, apply advanced filters, and export the data.

ProProfs Survey Maker

Best Free Survey Sites

It is another simple survey tool. This tool, which is both simple and feature-rich, allows us to create engaging surveys and share them via email and social media and embed them directly on the website. ProProfs Survey Maker makes survey formation a breeze with its over 100 survey templates and more than 1,000,000 query libraries.

Furthermore, its powerful AI-powered reporting system provides us with valuable information about who took the survey, when it was taken, and how respondents responded. This tool is all we need to provide a delightful and seamless survey experience to the respondents, regardless of who the target audience is or the platforms they use. It provides a free plan that allows us to unlimited surveys and 10 respondents. Paid plans with enhanced features begin at $0.05 per response per month.

HubSpot Forms

Best Free Survey Sites

It makes it easy to submit surveys to consumers to learn what they think and feel about the product or service. We may easily link the form to our website or use a standalone form page in seconds.

We can use this method to build surveys that will automatically move customer data into the CRM. We may use the drag-and-drop editor to customize form questions and select from over a dozen different question forms. After the form is sent, the survey will send out contact emails to follow up with customers or notify the team about new leads.

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