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Duckduckgo Search Engine

Duckduckgo is a special type of internet search engine because, like other search engines, it does not track you. Another specialty of the Duckduckgo search engine is it does not use the concept of cookies to track the users. It does not gather any personal information of the user, and in addition to that, the IP address of the user is also hidden when you use it.

Features of the Duckduckgo Search Engine

There are various features of the Duckduckgo search engine:

  1. Instant Answers
  2. Voice Search
  3. Bangs
  4. Business model
  5. Source code
  6. Tor access

1. Instant Answers: - Aside from the indexed search results, the Duckduckgo search engine shows the related results on the top of the search page, known as instant answers. With the help of the static data source such as text files or the third party, these instant answers are gathered.

The instant answers are known as Zeroclickinfo, and the reason behind that is to offer what users are looking for themselves on the pages of search results so that there is no need to click to see the results whatever they are searching for. There are more than 100 sources that the Duckduckgo uses to give the answers to your search without clicking on a result.

There are 1236 active instant answers as of July 2019. On GitHub the instant answers are kept, and these answers are open source, and anybody can build or work on these instant answers.

2. Voice Search: - Duckduckgo added the feature of voice search for the Google Chrome voice search extension users in the year 2011.

3. Bangs: - Another unique feature of the Duckduckgo search engine is "Bangs." Bangs are the keywords which provide you the facility to search on the particular third-party websites- if applicable, using their own search engine of the website. As of July 2019, there are 12,547 "bangs" available for a diverse range of websites. Around 2,000 "bangs" were eliminated in December 2018. Few of them have been removed due to breach, while others, like searches of plagiarized content sites, have been removed for the reasons of liability.

4. Business Model: - By serving advertisements from the Yahoo-Bing search association network and affiliating with eBay and Amazon, Duckduckgo earns revenue.

5. Source Code: - Some of the source code of the Duckduckgo is free software that is hosted under the Apache 2.0 License at GitHub, but the core is proprietary.

6. Tor Access: - Duckduckgo offers anonymous searching facility for the traffic of its search engine by using Tor network that contains an exit enclave and by means of an onion service it allows access. This enables anonymity via a series of encrypted relays to route the traffic. Weinberg stated: "I believe this fit right in line with our privacy policy. You can now end your search anonymously using Tor and DDG. If you are using our encrypted homepage, you may also be encrypted end to end.

Duckduckgo Search Engine

Advantages of Duckduckgo Search Engine

There are various advantages of Duckduckgo search engine:

  1. One-page search result (Infinite scroll)
  2. User privacy
  3. Direct contact with the developer team
  4. It prevents search leakage.

1. One-Page Search Result (Infinite Scroll): - In the Duckduckgo search engine, as long as you continue downloading, more search results will continue to load. As we all know that most of the users do not like to go to the second page of the Google search results, but in the case of the Duckduckgo search engine, all the information is present on the same page, so there is no need to click on the next page.

2. User Privacy: - The Duckduckgo search engine is a great search engine as compared to other search engines because it does not gather and store the user's personal information. If we are using the Duckduckgo search engine, there is no history of searching, which gets stored for you as a user.Consequently, any institutions or government such as police ask Duckduckgo for data regarding you, then no data is shared with them.

3. Direct Contact with the Developer Team: - There is a small team behind the Duckduckgo, and for continuous improvement, it depends on its user community. Duckduckgo search engine also offers the facility of feedback, so if we want to give the feedback, then by using the community website of the Duckduckgo, we can give the feedback. By submitting bugs reports, ideas for features, and translations, we can contribute.

4. It Prevents Search Leakage: - When we visit another website from the Duckduckgo, then the website does not know what you have been looking for in order to get to them.

Duckduckgo Search Engine

Disadvantages of Duckduckgo Search Engine

There are various disadvantages of Duckduckgo search engine:

  1. Less personalization
  2. No more features like Google

1. Less Personalization: - User history is not saved in the Duckduckgo search engine somewhere it is technically beneficial for privacy purposes, but sometimes, it is not suitable.

2. No More Features like Google: - As there is no doubt that for privacy purposes, Duckduckgo is an excellent search engine, but it does not provide various special features as Google provides, such as Google Books, Google Flights, Google Maps, Google Finance, etc.

Duckduckgo Search Engine

How does Duckduckgo Make Money

The Duckduckgo search engine earns money in partnerships with eBay and Amazon by serving ads via Yahoo/Microsoft/Bing and also with the help of affiliate marketing. For your search, the Duckduckgo shows generic advertisements without fine-tuning ads or tracking you to make them desirable and targeted for you to click. As compared to Google, the number of ads or advertisements displayed by the Duckduckgo is also less.

This business model is more suitable for such a small team. According to Duckduckgo's founder Gabriel Weinberg, the company's revenue exceeded $ 1 million in 2015. We except that their income became higher today, as the number of users and their traffic has grown up.

Things that Duckduckgo can do but Google cannot

There are various things that Duckduckgo can do, but Google cannot:

  1. Quick Stopwatch
  2. Generate passwords
  3. Change case and check the number of characters.
  4. Does mime rhyme with time
  5. Checks whether websites are down
  6. Calendar
  7. Cool features for developers
  8. Loan calculator
  9. Add an instant answer to other search engines.
  10. Social media bio
  11. App store search, alternatives to apps
  12. Shorten and Expand Links

1. Quick Stopwatch: - We can create a quick timer in both the search engines Duckduckgo as well as Google, but in the case of Duckduckgo, there is also a stopwatch. If we want to use the feature of stopwatch, then we have to simply search the stopwatch on the Duckduckgo search engine.

Duckduckgo Search Engine

2. Generate Passwords: - The Duckduckgo search engine also helps in the creation of a strong password. If you want to create a strong password by using the Duckduckgo search engine, then you have to simply type the "Password 10" after that you will see the strong password having the size 10. There is no limit to the size of the password. We can create a password of any size, depending on the requirement. If we want to modify the number of characters in the password, we can also replace the password number. If you find that the generated password is tough to remember, then there is another feature provided by the Duckduckgo search engine that is "Random passphrase". By using this feature, we can create an XKCD-style password. The password consists of four common words that are easy to remember and difficult to track. Simply search "Random passphrase" to create these types of passwords.

Duckduckgo Search Engine

3. Change Case and Check the number of Characters: - If there is a sentence or a word that you want to change Lowercase to UPPERCASE or UPPERCASE to lowercase then you have to simply add the word Lowercase or UPPERCASE before the word or a sentence that you want to change into the Lowercase or UPPERCASE. For example: Lowercase JAVATPOINT.

Duckduckgo Search Engine

And same in the case of UPPERCASE, so if you want to change the sentence or word into UPPERCASE, just add UPPERCASE before the sentence or a word that you want to change in the UPPERCASE such as UPPERCASE javatpoint.

Duckduckgo Search Engine

If we want to check how many characters are present in our query, then the Duckduckgo provides you an exciting feature. So, to check how many numbers are present in the query, add the keyword "chars" before the query, for example, chars Welcome to JAVATPOINT.

4. Does Mime Rhyme with Time: - Duckduckgo has an instant response that finds rhyming word to check this type, "rhymes with a pro" or any word as per your choice. Then we can see the instant response with rhyming words from RhymeBrain.

Duckduckgo Search Engine

5. Check whether Websites are down: - If there is a website that does not open and you want to know that the website is not opening only on your computer or anywhere else, then the Duckduckgo search engine provides you the facility of website checking. To check the website, you simply type "is amazon down."

Duckduckgo Search Engine

6. Calendar: - Duckduckgo and Google both the search engines can display the date and time. But by promoting the calendar as an immediate response, the Duckduckgo goes one step further. To see the current date, type "Calendar" on the Duckduckgo search bar. After that, you can clearly see the current date.

Duckduckgo Search Engine

In the Duckduckgo search engine, we can also check the calendar of any month and year which we want to see just type the "calendar June 1996".

Duckduckgo Search Engine

7. Cool Features for Developers: - The Duckduckgo provides various features for the software developers. The features provided by the Duckduckgo for the software developer are:

  • Display colors bases on the value of hexadecimal.
  • Convert binary to decimal
  • Generate lorem ipsum text
  • Show HTML value for any special character
  • Encode URLs to machine-readable text
  • Display the list of special characters and their HTML values.

8. Loan Calculator: - Loan calculator is another helpful instant response of a Duckduckgo search engine. With the help of the loan calculator, we can check our monthly installment, and we can calculate how much interest we have to pay in total. As with the terms and conditions for various loan agreements, the search query which we used for this is bit difficult to remember. The query used for this is "loan AMOUNT at INTEREST with PERCENT down for DURATION." For example: "Rs 60,00,000 at 2.5% with 20% down for 10 years".

Duckduckgo Search Engine

9. Add Instant Answers to other Search Engines: - Simply download the Duckduckgo extension on chrome, firebox, or safari if all the instant answers you like, but you do not wish to leave your favorite search engine. If we look in the search engine for anything, then we can see the instant answers of Duckduckgo above the search results.

10. Social Media Bio: - In the Duckduckgo search engine, without leaving the search engine, we can also check the people's social media profiles. When you type the '@ndtvgadgets' on the Duckduckgo search engine's search bar, you can see the complete information about the profile on a similar page. The same thing work with both Google+, and Gravatar. You have to search for the handle if you want to see the bio of Twitter. In the case of Google+, you have to type first the G+ then the user name. In the case of Gravatar, simply type Gravatar, then the name of the user that you wish to search.

Another exciting feature related to this is that we can also search within the other websites. We can use the website with Google where modifier is used to search results on a specific website, then to see the results, you only have to open the link. By using Duckduckgo, we can also use the own search function of the website.

For example: If you wish to find the details of somebody on LinkedIn, then there is no requirement to open the website. Simply type! "linkedIn" followed by the name of the person, and then you can see the resultant pages for the LinkedIn search. This can be done with various websites. For example: for Google search, we can use !g, for Reddit we can use !r, and for Amazon, we can use !a. In the Duckduckgo search bar, we can see the complete list by simply typing.

11. App Store Search, Alternatives to Apps: - With the help of the Duckduckgo search engine, we can search for any app. When on Duckduckgo, we look for any famous application, then we will find that it displays a carousel of applications with the same names. Now, to see what we are trying to say simply search for NDTV Gadgets. When you click on any of the carousel's cards, it will display the app's price, descriptions and the store's links. Somewhere we found that this feature cannot work well with those apps that are obscure, but most of the well-known ones can be found.

Another helpful feature that displays substitutes to applications in a neat carouse! Tired of MS Office? To check this simply search "Alternative to word" on the search bar of the Duckduckgo search engine, and then you will see the result. It can also be used for web services for which you have to type "Alternative for Google."

12. Shorten and Expand Links: - If you wish to find out the websites that end up with shortened links like http:/, search "expand http:/" on the Duckduckgo search bar. If you wish to shorten the long URLs, add the keyword "shorten" before the URL.

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