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First Rust program

Let's write the simple program in Rust language. Now, open the notepad file and write the following code:


Hello, world!

main(): The main() function is always the first code in every Rust executable code. The main() function is enclosed in curly braces{}. The main() function does not contain any parameter as well as it does not return any value.

println!: It is a Rust macro. If it calls the function, then it does not contain '!'.

"Hello World": It is a string passed as a parameter to the println!, and the string is printed to the console.

Procedure to create, compile and run the program

1. Open the notepad file and write the code in a notepad file.

2. Save the file with .rs extension.

First Rust program

3. Open the command prompt

4. Set the path of the directory. Suppose the project is located in D drive.

First Rust program

5. Compile the above program using the rustc command.

First Rust program

6. Finally, run the program by using the command filename.exe.

First Rust program
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