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How to lose weight fast

If planning to lose weight fast then you need to be very smart in choosing the ways to lose weight. As you have to follow only the smartest ways out of hundreds available to lose weight fast. Some of the reliable methods to lose weight quickly are listed below.

1) Instantly reduce intake of sugars and starches

This is believed to be the most important part of your journey to lose weight. Sugars and starches enhance insulin secretion which is a fat storage hormone. When insulin level is low the stored body fat burns faster than the carbs. Also, at low insulin level the kidneys excrete more water and sodium that prevent bloating and needless water-weight.

minimize suger

2) Maximize intake of protein, fat and vegetables

Your meal must comprise of rich sources of protein, fat and low-carb. In this way you can easily bring your carb intake to the recommended range, 20-40 grams per day. You can get protein from eggs, meat and fish or seafood. Protein rich food keeps you full and also lowers the desire to eat between the meals. For fat, the coconut oil which is considered the best cooking fat is highly recommend for instant weight loss.

eat more vegetables

3) Don't miss exercise even a single day

Exercise is usually the first thing that comes in our mind when we think of losing weight. Nothing wrong in it, definitely, exercise is a proven way of not only losing weight but also to acquire a lean and fit body. Running, dancing, walking and yoga all are different forms of exercise on which you can rely on to lose weight.

exercise daily

4) Minimize salt intake

There should be optimum intake of salt if you are serious about losing weight. Daily consumption of 2.4 grams of sodium is considered ideal for everyone. So keep a check on your sodium intake else it may cause bloating and water retention.

eat less salt

5) Drink water

Drink water at regular intervals. You must drink 3 to 4 liters of water in a single day. Experts also suggested that for better results you can drink water before meal. It fills your stomach that helps satisfy your hunger with less meal.

drink water

6) Morning walk

Walking is a popular way to burn calories. And if you want to lose weight through walking then morning walk is best suited for you. Researchers have found that a 40 minutes morning walk before breakfast burns extra body fat.

morning walk

7) Green tea

Green tea is a rich source of antioxidants and various other substances with medicinal values. It burns fat stored in the body and its effect increases during exercise. So exercise accompanied with green tea is also one of effective ways to lose weight quickly.

drink green tea

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