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JavaScript JSON

The JavaScript JSON is an acronym of JavaScript Object Notation. It provides a format for storing and transporting data. It is a lightweight human readable collection of data that can be accessed in a logical manner.

Points to remember

  • It generates and stores the data from user input.
  • It can transport the data from the server to client, client to server, and server to server.
  • It can also build and verifying the data.

JSON Syntax

1. While working with .json file, the syntax will be like:

2. While working with JSON object in .js or .html file, the syntax will be like:

JavaScript JSON Methods

Let's see the list of JavaScript JSON method with their description.

Methods Description
JSON.parse() This method takes a JSON string and transforms it into a JavaScript object.
JSON.stringify() This method converts a JavaScript value (JSON object) to a JSON string representation.

JavaScript JSON Example

Let's see an example to convert string in JSON format using parse() and stringify() method.

Test it Now


Convert string in JSON format using parse() method
Convert string in JSON format using stringify() method
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