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JPA List Mapping

A List is an interface which is used to insert and delete elements on the basis of index. It can be used when there is a requirement of retrieving elements in a user-defined order.

List Mapping Example

In this example, we embed an object in an entity class and define it as a collection type List.

This example contains the following steps: -

  • Create an entity class under com.javatpoint.jpa package that contains employee id, name and embedded object (employee Address). The annotation @ElementCollection represents the embedded object.

  • Now, create a class of embedded object under com.javatpoint.jpa package. The annotation @Embeddable represents the embeddable object.

  • Now, map the entity class and other databases confiuguration in Persistence.xml file.


  • Create a persistence class under com.javatpoint.collection package to persist the entity object with data.


After the execution of the program, the following table are generated under MySQL workbench.

  • Employee table - This table contains the employee details. To fetch data, run select * from employee query in MySQL.

JPA List Mapping
  • Employee_address table - This table represents the mapping between employee and address table. To fetch data, run select * from employee_address query in MySQL.

JPA List Mapping
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