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Mobile Application Testing tutorial

Mobile Application Testing tutorial

In today's time, mobile phones are expanding from simple communication to gadgets that can do everything. Mobiles phones are uses to order the food, to avail the cab so that we can know the direction. All these facilities are possible only by using mobile applications.


Every developed mobile application has to go through the mobile testing process. This process assures us to maintain the level of the quality of the application before it is released into the market (app store/ play store). The development life cycle of the mobile application is shorter than the other, so the mobile application's success depends only on the testing of the mobile application. Applications are tested based on usability, security, functionality. This increases the general efficiency of the application and increases the reliability factor among the users as well.

Mobile Application Testing tutorial

The need for a Mobile App

The need for a mobile application is arising to do our daily work. In today's busy and hectic lifestyle, we want to do meaningful work in daily routine.

Here are few examples of the daily routine work:


  1. We want to pay an electricity bill.
  2. There is a need to communicate with the manager and submit the report.
  3. Want to look for the nearby store
  4. Want to know the cab status

There is one solution for all these works: we need the below things to do our daily work in a second.

  • Need for Smartphone
  • Internet Connectivity
  • A mobile application to do the work

We can smartly do our daily work by using our smartphones.

To use the mobile phones, we need the properly tested mobile apps so that the more and more users like the application. It is the user experience that makes the mobile application successful.


The people who are interested in software testing should have basic knowledge about the concepts of software testing. Those who are going to make a career in software testing should know the test planning concepts, tricks of the black-box testing, etc. The advanced knowledge of the scripting language like JavaScript gives the extra benefit to working on software testing.


Our Mobile Application Tutorial is designed for beginners and professionals.


We assure you that you will not find any problem with the Mobile Application Testing Tutorial. But if there is any mistake, please post the problem in the contact form.

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