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Python delattr() Function

Python delattr() function is used to delete an attribute from a class. It takes two parameters first is an object of the class and second is an attribute which we want to delete. After deleting the attribute, it no longer available in the class and throws an error if try to call it using the class object.



object: Object of the class which contains the attribute.

name: The name of the attribute to delete. It must be a string.


It returns a complex number.

Let's see some examples of delattr() function to understand it's functionality.

Python delattr() Function Example 1

It is a simple example which contains a Student class, and by using delattr() function, we will delete it's email attribute.


AttributeError: 'Student' object has no attribute 'email'
101 Rohan [email protected]

Python delattr() Function Example 2

It throws an error if we delete an attribute which does not exist.


AttributeError: course

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