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What is Quora

Quora is an American website for questions and answers where people go to get and give the information. The Quora user is the one who generate each section of the website content that means users create, edit, and manage the content of the website.

In other words, Quora is defined as a place where knowledge is gathered and shared, and it is basically a platform which provides you the facility to ask questions and link with people who contribute unique insights and qualitative answers.

In 2009, Quora was co-founded by Charlie Cheever and Adam D'Angelo. Both are formerly Facebook partners. On this website, anyone can ask questions and get the answers.

Quora is a crowdsourced platform for questions and answers which relies on an active content and development community. Quora allows users to vote on answers in order to highlight the information as correct as possible. It mainly focuses on the questions and answers of high-standard.

How to Use Quora

If you want to use Quora, then you have to create an account. Then you may learn the website's essential functions. Don't worry; they make it relatively easy for you to create an account and navigate the website. In addition to that it is free of charge.

How to Create a Quora Account

When we visit Quora, then it will be simply asked to either create an account or sign in on the colorful screen, which is given below:

What is Quora

Then click on the "Sign Up with Email." After filling the information on the page, we complete the other typical requirements of account creation such as adding profile photos and connecting to the site with your friends. Then we can begin to follow the things which you liked. Quora is the ideal combination of social media and search engine. There are various things that we follow on the website but more importance is given to those topics having more likes.

How to Ask Questions on Quora

We can begin using Quora after creating an account and then select the topics which we want to follow. It contains questions asked on the site.

If we want to ask the questions on Quora, hit the option named "Add Questions," which is written in red color, and present on the top right corner on the screen. A box should pop up that looks like the one below:

What is Quora

Then enter the question which you want to ask and then click on the option named 'Add Question.' Quora will ask you to choose the relevant topics about this question and check them. After that, we just wait to get people to answer.

How to Answers Questions on Quora

Quora also provides the facility to answer the other user's questions. Before discussing how to answers Quora's questions, let's just touch on why.

The reason to answer someone's question on Quora should be whether you have an honest, accurate, and a high-quality answer. Never answer user's questions with absurdity. The only way a website such as Quora can flourish is if every user of the Quora respects other people's requests and answers.

That being said, it is very simple to answer questions on Quora. Your feed comprises of questions about the various topics that you have chosen to follow. Click on any question for which you have a great and correct answer and then press the Answer Button. Then submit the answers on the Quora and be careful that the answers you submit are fruitful and correct to the user who asked the question.

How to Upvote and Downvote Answers on Quora

One of the unique features of Quora is upvote and downvote option. If there is any response on Quora that we think the question posed answers perfectly, then we can vote it for that response. In addition to that, if there is any response on Quora that we think it is not so accurate, we can also downvote that response. On a particular response, the number of upvotes and downvotes will affect its visibility.

When the answer contains a vast number of upvotes, then it is considered valid, and Quora moves it to the top of the answer list. On the other hand, if a response has a higher number of downvotes, then it is considered invalid by users, and Quora will not make it a priority for others to see.

The below figure shows how the screen looks like for a Quora answer underneath the section. The symbol for upvote is present on the left side of the window, and the symbol for downvote is present on the left side of the window.

What is Quora

Features of Quora

There are various essential features of Quora:

  1. Following topics
  2. Your activity feed
  3. Add answers

1. Following Topics: - By using this feature, we can follow those topics which we like more. Here we can also get future updates on the topics that you have found from the questions.

2. Your Activity Feed: - It displays the user's most recent activities based on the topics that must be selected throughout the registration.

3. Add Answers: - Another essential feature of Quora is to add answers. By using this, we can give the helpful and informative answers about the specific question, and then we can add the answer with the help of the button that is placed at the bottom of the last answer.

What is Quora

Unique Ways to Benefit from Quora

The unique ways to benefit from Quora are:

  1. Improve question pages
  2. Become an expert
  3. Follow topics and people that interest you
  4. Crowdsource ideas
What is Quora

1. Improve Question Pages: - We can edit questions, explain the answers, and add questions to the topics because questions on Quora never end. Build a passion for supporting others. Vote questions and, when appropriate, use the thanks button. Follow the guidelines for questions by Quora.

2. Become an Expert: - Ask smart questions. Add answers to those questions that you know appropriately. Use grammar, capitalization, and spelling properly. Be concentrate and don't survey the opinions of individuals. Make your questions as simple as possible but smart ones also. Give feedback and learn form others. With your views, challenge users but be considerate and respectful.

3. Follow Topics and People that Interest you: - Make the website an excellent resource for those who wish to learn. Ask the questions, and ask the implicit "why" always? Avoid questioning like yes or no, and always be clear. Avoid posting any questions which already exist outside. For this, every time before posting the question, you have to check whether the question is already asked and answered or not.

4. Crowdsource Ideas: - Ask for feedback about the product and survey your target market. Ideas from research stories or blogs. Hiring new employees. Ask questions to competitors and evaluate your competition. One can even ask questions anonymously.

Why you Need a Quora Marketing Strategy

A website of question and answer may not seem the furthermost interested addition to your market strategy on social media. Although Quora is good at enhancing your reputation, generating organic alertness, and support, you get to know your audience more. On the platform of Quora we can get:

  1. Search visibility
  2. Insights into your audience
  3. Exceptional reach
  4. Thought leadership potential
  5. More high-quality traffic

1. Search Visibility: - Questions on Quora can be searched via Google. Whenever there is a problem, your content remains evergreen here, which comes back to your site.

2. Insights into your Audience: - The platform of Quora is for real people who are looking for the real answers. When you support your audience, then audience will help you by investing in your products and services in return.

3. Exceptional Reach: - The questions and answers are shared with more than 300 million visitors per month. Quora is one of the most highly regarded UGC platforms around.

4. Thought Leadership Potential: - Already, there are a number of high-profile peoples on Quora, including Justin Trudeau, former President Obama, and Noam Chomsky. Join their ranks and make your brand stronger.

5. More High-Quality Traffic: - By answering the questions of the customers and demonstrating how their problem solves your product or services, drive the customers back to your website.

How to Find your Audience on Quora

There are various ways to find your audience on Quora:

  1. Start searching on Quora
  2. Search your competitors
  3. Install the Quora pixel
  4. Create a list match audience

1. Start Searching on Quora:- Take the advantages of existing high-performing topics and keywords, and look for opportunities to ask questions which offer topics to a reliable follower.

2. Search your Competitors: - Are people talking about it? Are they active to write answers or run ads on the platform? If it is not, then take the benefits of this by first adopting the platform. If they use Quora, we may be missing out on engaging potential customers in conversations.

3. Install the Quora Pixel: - 3Add pixel to the website and then create an audience on your website to understand how many visitors are on Quora.

4. Create a List Match Audience: - Upload the list of emails in Quora ads manager to understand and overlap matching rates. When signing up, most of the users of Quora use their personal email, so business email is not going to work as well.

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