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C++ Algorithm Function any_of()

C++ Algorithm any_of() function tests the value of 'pred' for every element in the range, if for any element the value of pred is true, then the function returns true else return false.



first: It is the first element in the range specified.

last: It is the last element in the range.

pred: It is a unary function which accepts the argument from the range.

Return value

The function has one return type, 'true'. If the value of argument 'pred' is true for any of the elements of the range then the value 'true' is returned, else false.

Example 1


There are elements which exist in the table of 2.

Example 2


Negative elements exist in the array


The function moves linearly, starting from the first element going towards the last one. For each element of the list, the value of 'pred' is checked. The search goes on until a mismatch for the 'pred' value is encountered.

Data races

Either the function accesses all the objects in the specified range or some of them.


The function throws an exception if any of the argument throws one.

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