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A view is used to define an alternative way of representing the data stored in a table. A view is not a real table and doesn?t have any permanent storage. It facilitates you to look at the data in one or more tables. It is a named specification of a result table.

A VIEW can derived from one or more tables. You can use upto 15 tables to create a VIEW.

A VIEW can contain all the columns or a certain columns from the table.

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Advantages of VIEW

  • It makes data easier to use because it represents data from more than one tables as a single table.
  • It can increase security because it restrict the access to the base tables and providing the access to the view can increase security to base table data.
  • It can increase controlled access over the database.
  • It can able to hide the complex queries and makes the end user life easy by representing the data in single table from more than one table.
  • Views can have the derived columns, apart from the retrieved columns.

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