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Examples of RPA

Automation is the requirement of several organizations to reduce the working time of repetitive manual tasks. Robotic Automation Process helps them to make use of RPA tools to complete all such repetitive, time-consuming work for improving customer satisfaction.

Robotic Automation is well suited for rule-based processes that are clearly defined and well documented. There are many examples of Robotic Process Automation in our day-to-day tasks. Here, we are listing some common examples below:

Web Site Scraping

Web scraping is the process that is used to extract vast amounts of data from websites. All the scraping tasks are performed by a piece of code, which is called a ' scraper'. Most web scrapers convert the data to a CSV (Comma-Separated Values) or Excel spreadsheet formats. However, some advanced scrapers also support formats such as JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) that can be used for an API (Application Programming Interface).

Web Scraping is also termed as Screen Scraping, Web Data Extraction, Web Harvesting, etc.

Advantages of Web Scraping with RPA

  • Low cost and minimal errors.
  • Faster and Easy Setup.
  • Customized scraping.
  • Gathers social media data.
  • Automates batch tasks.
  • No need to build a team for scraping.

Order Processing

Nowadays, there are many e-commerce websites for online shopping. These sites allow customers to order various items from different categories (i.e., grocery, electronics, fashion, etc.).

Whenever a customer places an order from an e-commerce website, an item should be available on the actual repository. The process of placing orders through the actual repository is done on the back-end. It helps in maintaining the stock and also dispatching the item. The stock details are updated in the system accordingly. Such type of data entry tasks can be managed with RPA solutions as the entire process from order placement to stock updation will be automated. With the RPA implementation, there will be minimal chances of having any manual error that could be caused because of misunderstandings.

Advantages of Order Processing with RPA

  • Better customer experience.
  • Reduced costs.
  • High flexibility and improved ROI (Return of Investment).
  • Improved data control.
  • No requirement for manual data entry.

Data Management

In organizations, RPA can help employees to pull relevant information from legacy systems to make it available for the newer systems. RPA can also help organizations to manage their data for backups or restorations easily. These types of data management tasks can be fully automated with RPA solutions by giving them required information such as credentials, source, and destination details, etc.

With RPA, organizations can save time from managing the entire data manually. The whole process, including checking and monitoring the data, is performed with the help of the RPA tool. RPA can also help to generate the human task if there is a requirement of human intervention.

Advantages of Data Management with RPA

  • Eliminates human errors.
  • Saves administration hours.
  • Reduces the delays that may occur in the manual process.
  • Increases transparency and control with automated reporting.
  • Streamlines the data management process and helps in conserving the resources.

Call Center Operations

Almost all organizations include call centers to solve customer queries. When the customer raises an issue, a call center executive will require to have all the information about a customer. They might need multiple systems or applications to get all the details.

With the help of RPA, it will be easy to consolidate all the details about a customer on a single screen. It will help the executive to have all the information required to provide the solutions for the specific queries.

Advantages of RPA Implementation with Call Center Operations

  • Shorter call duration.
  • Better communication.
  • Optimal use of resources.
  • Minimal chances of errors.
  • Automated responses and triggers.

Forms Processing

Many organizations process forms for preparing the initial database in their system. It helps organizations to keep paper-based proof that can be served for further use in the investigation where paper-based proof is important. When these forms need to be transferred to digital, an RPA can be helpful.

RPA solution can read the forms and process further data entry tasks based on the data given in those forms.

Advantages of Forms Processing with RPA

  • Reduced paper cost and storage memory.
  • Remote access from anywhere.
  • Checklist automation and enhanced auditing.
  • Fast processing and improved productivity.

Credit Card Applications

RPA bots can be programmed to process the majority of credit card applications. They can handle several functionalities such as initiating a credit card application, collecting the required documents related to the individuals, performing necessary credit checks, carrying out required verifications, etc. RPA bots can automatically handle all these tasks.

Based on the details shared by an individual, RPA decides whether or not an individual is eligible for a card. If an individual is eligible for a new card, then the card will be issued. The entire process will be closed after the card is delivered successfully.

Advantages of Automating Credit Card Applications

  • Improved employee productivity.
  • Reduced process time.
  • Better customer satisfaction.
  • Access to online documents anytime, anywhere.
  • Availability of useful methods to crosscheck operational metrics for process excellence.

Incoming Customer E-mail Query Processing

Many support organizations answer to thousands of e-mails daily. With RPA, such support tasks can be easily automated. RPA can handle the upcoming mails and separate them into defined groups. RPA can also provide automated responses to frequent issues or e-mails with the resolution. RPA categorizes the critical e-mails which are further assigned to respective personnel or executive.

Advantages of Automating E-mail Query Processing

  • Increased scale and scope of e-mail campaigns.
  • Increased average order value.
  • Improved customer lifetime value.
  • Increased ROI (Return on Investment) on staff costs.

Payroll Processing

Payroll processing is one of those tasks that require manual intervention every month in a year. RPA systems can be used to schedule and automate such repetitive tasks. These tasks may include data transfer and management, payslip generation, benefits disbursal, and others.

Advantages of Payroll Automation

  • Generates accurate payslips.
  • Calculates expenses, bounces, holiday pay, etc.
  • Reduces the burden of compliance.
  • Eliminates the requirement to understand complicated tax legislation.
  • Saves and manages the data related to payslips and annual reports in an easily accessible and secure way.
  • Payroll calculations and deductions at a faster rate.

Account Reconciliation

In banks and insurance sectors, requests for account reconciliation are very common and regular. An individual or an organization may perform account reconciliation to avoid overdrafts on cash accounts, fraudulent or overcharge on credit card transactions, etc. These types of tasks can be automated with the help of RPA software robots.

RPA helps in making such tasks easy by matching the payment details with the bank data and other records. The records are reconciled if the details are the same. During an unmatched or suspicious transaction, the software robot sends the records for further validation.

Advantages of Automating Account Reconciliation Process

  • Reduces duplicate payments.
  • Improved efficiency.
  • Enhances the speed of the processes.
  • Saves time in manually verifying bank statements and general ledger software.

Dispute Resolution

Dispute handling and management is another area of concern in the banking sector. RPA deployment in banks has drastically reduced the dispute resolution cycle and human errors. RPA helps in boosting operational efficiencies and overall customer experience.

Advantages of using RPA in Dispute Resolution

  • Faster resolution to problems.
  • Improved process.
  • Prompt services.

Shipping Notifications

Many shipping and logistics companies are manually performing the operations like scheduling a delivery, tracking the information, estimating the time of arrival, etc. RPA can automate such manual processes and save time as well as costs. RPA can extract shipment details from incoming e-mails, log jobs from scheduling systems, and provide pick-up times in the customer's dashboard. The software bots can also scan and capture carrier website data, track the delivery over GPS, and can also help in automating e-mail communications.

Advantages of Automating Shipping Notifications

  • Reduces labor costs.
  • Increases accuracy.
  • Allows streamlining of several tasks into one process.
  • Avoids dimensional weight surcharges.

Onboarding Employees

When an organization hires employees, the offer letter is automatically generated and sent to the employees with the help of the RPA system. RPA system uses pre-defined rules to make decisions according to the new employee's profile. The details are also updated into the company's database. This type of onboarding system accesses the company's data system according to a specific job position.

Advantages of Onboarding Automation

  • Efficient Data Collection.
  • No errors.
  • Low cost.
  • Time-saving.
  • Enhanced security to store employee data.

Member Eligibility and Billing

RPA system can quickly check the eligibility criteria of individuals and organizations for various products provided by the banks and insurance companies. With the RPA implementation, these processes do not require human interaction to check eligibility. They are automated to process the data as per the eligibility criteria. Such processes can be made available online so that they can be used anytime from anywhere.

Advantages of automating Member Eligibility and Billing System

  • Faster processing of applications.
  • Automated verification system.
  • Easy process.
  • Higher customer engagement.

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