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How to make money by Guest Posting?

Guest posting is a great way to easily make money as a writer by writing online guest posts. Many people need talented writers who help them to write and publish guest posts on their blog site. There are many reasons people may need to post a guest for you. Some of them require traffic to their website, some want to get more exposure and position as an authority, some are doing it for branding purposes, and some create backlinks for their blog site.

How to Find Paid Guest Blogging from Customers

Many factors come to finding customers willing to pay to write a guest post for you.

  1. SEO Companies: People interested in your guest blogging services are the first type of SEO companies. In most cases, companies have many customers. They build high-quality blogs, long-lasting backlinks, and the smartest and most reliable ways to do this are guest blogging.
  2. Big Brands: The next option on the list is big brands. We are talking about big brands that have become a newly emerging online start-up in 500 companies with a great budget and a new marketing budget. In most cases, you will need to contact these companies' marketing managers or their SEO professionals to tell them about their service and why you would be the best for them.
  3. Professional Blogger: You may be surprised to hear this, but professional bloggers may also need to write several guest posts for them. Many bloggers create websites that rely on search engine traffic or affiliate sales.
  4. Marketing Companies: The last type of customer you can contact is our marketing companies. In most cases, these companies have many plans to help their customers and get many results themselves, and they would also be happy to give guest blogging.

What should we write about?

Take some time to check out the blogs and start making a list of topics or niches you can write about.

In any business relationship, the best way to connect with people is to be their friend first. You will have better results and a lot more opportunities to get your blog posts on your site.

The more bloggers you contact, the better chances you will get from one of your guest posts.

Points to maximize the value of your guest post

  1. Sell yourself: Selling yourself means that in your blog posts, your target readers are displayed that you are reliable, credible and equal. Show them that you are a good friend - if you did anything interesting that day, start a blog post talking about your whole day plan. You can also make travel or food blogs.
  2. Link your stuff back: It isn't very intelligent for people to write blog posts without knowing more about you. The best way to do this is to link your blog to the relevant blog post inside the guest post. If we talk about the exact match domain, we link our blog post to the exact domain in our blog.
  3. Capture Through Click Traffic: Most blogs won't let you link to a squeeze page after every blog post; However, they always link back to your blog. If you want to make sure that you capture that traffic, it's coming to you, then make sure you have a popup dominance setup, so you can at least capture a portion of the leads in your site nearby.
  4. Tell a Story: The best way to use and display a story. A story is a powerful tool - we can use it for our audience without stating your credibility. The story is terrible because it reduces people's defenses and allows you to convince them without protesting the whole time. If you want to know more about the story, read Annette Simmons's book "The Story Factor".
  5. Write well: We should have proper knowledge of grammar, spell-check and spend some time making sure everything makes sense. If you are still struggling, we recommend reading William Ginger's book "On Writing Well".
  6. Write with personality: Do not condemn. Include your personality in your writing. The key here is that do not be afraid to show your personality through your writing.
  7. Reply to reader comments: If your post is meant to receive many comments and questions, be sure to reply to them! Not only does interact with readers help build synergy between you and them, but you also appreciate the blog owner when you are there to help beyond posts.
  8. Write a blunt title: You should give a blunt title for the blog post. A few examples that made headlines are Men's Health, MSN News, Yahoo News and National Inquirer.
  9. Stay steady: If Edison gave up after one try, would we light up the bulbs as well. Keep writing good stuff and accumulating new stuff.

Making Money by Ads

The first way to make money is to run ads on your website. In this case, you are going for the easiest conversions, such as ads per ad and simple sponsored content.

  1. Use PPM Ads. PPM won't make you a ton of money, and it's still better than nothing. PPM does not depend on the user to shut down anything more than existing with an adblocker. Payments are small but are almost guaranteed. The more guest posts and the more traffic you can pull, the better you will do with it.
  2. Use PPC advertisements: PPC is superior to PPM; You have so many users to click on the ads. If the ads are not binding, users will not click, and if they do not click, you will not be paid. Again, the volume helps a lot here so that you can test both different ads, and so you can increase the volume on those ads that work.
  3. Sell ad space privately: To go through a network like Google or what you have, you can go through something like BuySellAds and deal directly with advertisers.
  4. Sell the sponsored post space: It is the reverse of guest blogging. You can attract a certain type of audience who have a blog they want to advertise, and you can also convince them to pay for a sponsored post on your site.
  5. Sell a sponsored newsletter space: Similar to the previous option, and you can sell space in your newsletter too. You need to follow certain rules and laws to avoid spam flags, but it is possible unless you have valuable organic content with sponsored content.
  6. Present sponsored reviews: You do not always have to pay directly for your sponsored content. It is a business model that works well for bad products because honesty is not wanted, and good products will go with it. Also, the deal gives you good products.

Sell Your Product or Service

You will get more money if selling something at a slightly higher price if it is attractive.

  1. Sell a digital product: You can also sell content like e-books that users want to pay for after viewing the guest posts and free content.
  2. Sell a physical product: Physical products will be remotely ordered in bulk, customized from the Alibaba store. Rewriting requires space to store your product between the storefront, interest, and manufacture, and sale.
  3. Sell a content product: E-Books, case studies, industry surveys, research data; can all be sold and can command at a higher price than others. Make enough good content, and people will buy it for years to come.
  4. Sell consulting services: The best product is your expertise. You can consult or advise at a high hourly rate and have business owners and small brands from all over the world, begging for slots in a limited time. You can build a community around your students who can help each other and charge for the privilege.
  5. Sell digital service: Digital services can range from graphic design to website development, writing, and Ad management.
  6. Sell your labor: At the extreme low end, mechanical Turks and Fiverr allow you to sell your services in bulk at a cheap cost. You can be a digital jack of all trades on the high end, given enough time and exchange money.

Sell Affiliate Products or Services

Affiliate marketing is superior to the last two categories and combines them. You have to sell high-quality products and services, and don't have to pay to develop them.

  1. Use Amazon Affiliate Links: The Amazon affiliate program is excellent because of the large array of physical and digital products. You make money from anyone through your link, whether you are associated with the product or not.
  2. Use affiliate links for reviewed products: When the product or service you want to sell does not have a public affiliate program, you can contact them to deal with it.

Direct Traffic to Micro-Affiliate Sites

You do not need to do affiliate marketing directly with your site. You can refer people to your site from a guest post and then dedicate a microsite to sell a specific type of product from there.

  • Partner with the summons to sell consulting: Some consultants want to get their services from there, but they are not keen on marketing. In these cases, you can establish an affiliate or referral system directly with them. All the consulting benefits without any work.
  • Use the referral link for membership services: Like referrals for digital products, you can also refer people for services. Often, they also have rewards trees or bonuses that you can redeem if you are a customer.
  • Send people for paid courses:Udemy is one way you can sell education and pay people to refer to courses rather than running or selling your courses.
  • Set up a dropping business: Dropshipping is a spin on affiliate marketing where you can do more work. As a result, you make more money doing it.

See Niche Blogs that Pay for Content

Niche blogs are not necessarily the ones to pay top tier rates. You mean a higher conversion rate for people from one to another and a higher unity between their audience and you.

  1. Pitch High Profile Blog Editors: It is difficult but attractive and meaningful to get through their system and publish something.
  2. Sell customized content for any site: If we run a network of blogs or selling our services as a freelance writer, we can optimize the content for any niche and see the relevance between their site and your site.
  3. Sell Catalog List Articles: We can sell very well on sites like catalog verses. It is not easy to find the right combination of price and clickbait that makes people want to click on your blog site.

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