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jQuery UI Features

  • jQueryUI facilitates you to make highly interactive web applications.
  • It is open source and free to use.
  • It provides a powerful theme mechanism.
  • It is very stable and maintenance friendly.
  • It provides an extensive browser support
  • Good documentation

jQuery UI Categorization

We can categorize the jQueryUI into four groups.

  1. Interactions
  2. Widgets
  3. Effects
  4. Utilities

1) Interactions: Interactions are the set of plug-ins which facilitates users to interact with DOM elements. These are the mostly used interactions:

  • Draggable
  • Droppable
  • Resizable
  • Selectable
  • Sortable

2) Widgets: Widgets are the jQuery plug-ins which makes you able to create user interface elements like date picker, progress bar etc. These are the mostly used widgets:

  • Accordion
  • Autocomplete
  • Dialog
  • Button
  • Date Picker
  • Menu
  • Progress Bar
  • Tabs
  • Tooltip
  • Slider
  • Spinner

3) Effects: The internal jQuery effects contain a full suite of custom animation and transition for DOM elements.

  • Hide
  • Show
  • Add Class
  • Remove Class
  • Switch Class
  • Toggle Class
  • Color Animation
  • Effect
  • Toggle

4) Utilities: Utilities are the modular tools, used by jQuery library internally.

  • Position: It is used to set the position of the element according to the other element's alignment (position).

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