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JSTL Core Tags

The JSTL core tag provides variable support, URL management, flow control etc. The syntax used for including JSTL core library in your JSP is:

JSTL Core Tags List

Tags Description
c:out It display the result of an expression, similar to the way <%=...%> tag work.
c:import It Retrives relative or an absolute URL and display the contents to either a String in 'var',a Reader in 'varReader' or the page.
c:set It sets the result of an expression under evaluation in a 'scope' variable.
c:remove It is used for removing the specified scoped variable from a particular scope.
c:catch It is used for Catches any Throwable exceptions that occurs in the body.
c:if It is conditional tag used for testing the condition and display the body content only if the expression evaluates is true.
c:choose, c:when, c:otherwise It is the simple conditional tag that includes its body content if the evaluated condition is true.
c:forEach It is the basic iteration tag. It repeats the nested body content for fixed number of times or over collection.
c:forTokens It iterates over tokens which is separated by the supplied delimeters.
c:param It adds a parameter in a containing 'import' tag's URL.
c:redirect It redirects the browser to a new URL and supports the context-relative URLs.
c:url It creates a URL with optional query parameters.
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