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MAT Date-picker

What is a Date-picker in angular material?

The date-picker is a component of the angular material that allows the user to enter a date, either through the text or by selecting a date from the calendar pop-up window. It is composed of several components, instructions and date implementation modules that work together.

API reference for Angular Material date-picker

Connecting a date-picker to an input

The date-picker is made up of text input and a calendar pop-up, which is linked via the mat-Date-picker property to the text input. It also has an optional date-picker toggle button that gives the user a simple method to open the date-picker pop-up window. It works exactly the same with input as <mat-form-field>.

Example 1: Basic date-picker

MAT Date-picker

Date range selection

If a user chooses two dates, rather than a single date, that will use the mat-date-range-input and mat-date-range-picker modules.

The <mat-date-range-input> and <mat-date-range-picker> modules require two input elements for start and end dates, respectively.

The <mat-date-range-picker> module serves as a pop-up panel for selecting dates. It works in the same way as mat-date-picker, but in this, the user has to select the date twice.

Connect the <mat-date-range-picker> and <mat-date-range-input> modules with the help of rangePicker property

Example 2: Basic date range picker

MAT Date-picker

Date range input forms integration

The <mat-date-range-input> module can be used with the FormGroup directive to concatenate the starting and end values from @angular/forms and validate them as a group.

Example 3: Date range picker forms integration

MAT Date-picker

Changing the date-picker colors

The date-Picker pop-up window automatically inherits the color palette (warning, pronunciation, or primary) from the mat-form-field. If you want to change the color palette for the pop-up window, you can do this by setting the color property on the <mat-datepicker>.

Example 4: Date-picker palette colors

MAT Date-picker

Highlighting specific dates

If a user wants to highlight certain dates in a calendar (such as highlighting a holiday), this may be possible with dateClass input.

Example 5: Date-picker with custom date classes

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MAT Date-picker
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