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Maven Tutorial

maven tutorial

Maven tutorial provides basic and advanced concepts of apache maven technology. Our maven tutorial is developed for beginners and professionals.

Maven is a powerful project management tool that is based on POM (project object model). It is used for projects build, dependency and documentation.

It simplifies the build process like ANT. But it is too much advanced than ANT.

Current version of Maven is 3.

Understanding the problem without Maven

There are many problems that we face during the project development. They are discussed below:

1) Adding set of Jars in each project: In case of struts, spring, hibernate frameworks, we need to add set of jar files in each project. It must include all the dependencies of jars also.

2) Creating the right project structure: We must create the right project structure in servlet, struts etc, otherwise it will not be executed.

3) Building and Deploying the project: We must have to build and deploy the project so that it may work.

What it does?

Maven simplifies the above mentioned problems. It does mainly following tasks.

  1. It makes a project easy to build
  2. It provides uniform build process (maven project can be shared by all the maven projects)
  3. It provides project information (log document, cross referenced sources, mailing list, dependency list, unit test reports etc.)
  4. It is easy to migrate for new features of Maven

Apache Maven helps to manage

  • Builds
  • Documentation
  • Reporing
  • SCMs
  • Releases
  • Distribution

What is Build Tool

A build tool takes care of everything for building a process. It does following:

  • Generates source code (if auto-generated code is used)
  • Generates documentation from source code
  • Compiles source code
  • Packages compiled code into JAR of ZIP file
  • Installs the packaged code in local repository, server repository, or central repository

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