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Personality Development

Personality development is defined as the development process that enhances the personality, attitude, behavior, and making unique from the crowd.

Everyone possesses the qualities that make him/her different from the rest. Every person has a mix of good and bad qualities, which determines their response towards people and situations. The factors, such as genetics, environment, parenting, etc. can influence personality among different people.

Research of psychologists reveals that a person can easily change his/her personality if he/she wishes to do so. These traits are stable over time and can be improved if a person wants to.

We can become, what we want, i.e., the best version of ourselves.

Let's start with the simple tricks and tips that are very useful if we want to improve our personality from others.

Personality development tips and tricks

Let's discuss the tips and tricks to improve our personality, which is listed below:

  • Don't compare ourselves with others
    We should never compare ourselves with others. Everyone possesses different qualities; It lowers our confidence and self-esteem. It acts as an obstacle between our personalities and does not let us bloom our strengths.
  • Be kind to everyone.
    We are always taught to be kind to others since our childhood. Still, some of us fail to do so. Studies show that kindness to self and others brings happiness, prosperity, wisdom, and other positive traits.
    It is further categorized into four steps, which are listed below:
    • Remember that we deserve kindness and affection from ourselves.
    • Remember that we have no right to be unkind to others.
    • We should be aware of the emotions and feelings of others.
    • Remember that mistakes are a part of life. Learn to start again after learning from our mistakes.
  • Be friendly
    Some people can easily talk to anyone around them. Such persons are more likable; No one wants to communicate with a straight face person. We should learn to smile. Be friendly and try to help others as much as we can.
  • Be passionate
    Such people are different from the crowd. They value the power of time, are obsessed, and have strong beliefs. It makes us live our life to the fullest. So, we should be passionate about our life despite any opposed situations.
  • Add style to our look.
    Adding styles to our look enhances our personality. The keys to add styles are enthusiasm and a relaxed mind. Never let anyone distract the concentration at the workplace. Always try to keep the mind calm and relaxed.
  • Don't fear mistakes.
    Mistakes often happen, and there is nothing to worry about. It is a part of life. Learn from the mistakes and try to come back with more confidence.
  • Practice communication skills
    Communication is the successful transfer of views and feelings. It is essential to practice good communication skills. Such skills help us to develop healthy relations and confidence. Our positive behavior, body language, gestures, facial expressions, etc. also play a vital role to enhance our personality.
  • Focus on the appearance
    The dressing is a significant part of our appearance. We usually have different dressing styles for office, parties, colleges, etc. A person should be well dressed according to the environment; It is the first impression on the people around us. But, the dressing does not mean to be uncomfortable. Try to dress in comfortable attire.
  • Do not Copy anyone
    During a group discussion or any communication, some people copy the speaker due to a lack of information. It creates a negative impression.
    Everyone has its perspective. We should try to represent the information in our own words.
  • Be strong
    Never let the pressure to overcome the skills. Be strong and face every task with confidence. There are two outcomes of a challenge, either lose or win. Lose does not mean that we are not capable. Instead, we learn something invaluable.
    How well we perform during a challenge is an outstanding achievement. Do not focus on the final results. Be strong, and always try to give the best.
  • Remember the power of breath.
    Sometimes, it becomes challenging to stay calm during pressure, headache, etc. In such situations, a deep breath can give us freedom from pressure and fear. Once we become habitual, the power of a deep breath will diminish all our stress.
  • Be confident
    Confidence defines the strength and ability to face problems. It not only enhances our personality but also removes our discomfort for effective communication.

    Don't let overconfidence to overcome ourselves. Overconfidence lets us misjudge our learning, values, opinion, and abilities.

  • Always focus and maintain eye contact.
    Lack of focus and eye contact shows the disinterest of an individual. It not only distracts the mind of the speaker but also creates a negative impact.
  • Set the goal
    Many people believe in hard work, but do not have a direction or goal. Note down what we want to become and what directions can take us to that goal. We should follow the SMART goal, which depicts the following:
Personality Development

The above technique is followed by successful business people, athletes, etc. It gives us motivation with long-term vision. We can easily organize our ideas, resources, and thoughts to accomplish the task between our journeys to reach the goal.

Importance of personality development

Let's discuss the importance of personality development.

Personality Development
  • Overcome stress issues
    Studies show that personality development can help us to overcome the stress issues. It also helps us interact with people quickly and convey our thoughts without hesitation positively.
  • Makes us smart
    Personality development makes us smarter. It enhances our presentable skills to stand out from the crowd. It is essential in every field, such as sales, marketing, job interviews, meetings, etc. It is a competitive skill, which is crucial to develop in a competitive world.
  • Boosts confidence
    Personality development helps us to enhance our skills, boost confidence, and soften our behavior. It first focuses on understanding self. Our confidence reflects our communication. The more confidence, the better we communicate with others.
  • Improves our attire
    Most people are not aware of the dressing style, which is different according to the occasions.
    It addresses the following styles:
    • Do not wear tight clothes.
    • Our attire should be neat and clean.
    • Our clothes should be properly ironed.
    • Polish the shoes for any formal outgoing, such as job interviews.
  • Makes us reliable
    People with good personalities are often looked for suggestions and problem sharing. Hence, it plays a vital role in the development of a person.
  • Develop positivity
    Positivity helps us to deal with difficult situations with ease. It means that we can quickly analyze the problematic situation with a good personality and solve it to resolve them. It also helps in terms of decision-making, relationships, professional workspace, and personal life.
  • Makes new friends
    Personality development teaches us to behave and respond positively. Everyone wants to talk to the people who have a positive attitude, good behavior, and smile on their face. People attract to such personalities. It helps to gain respect and acceptance in society, workplace, school, or any organization.

Stages of personality development

There are five stages of personality development, which are listed below:

  1. Infant stage
  2. Childhood stage
  3. Preschool stage
  4. School going stage
  5. Teens stage

Let's discuss each stage in detail.

Infant stage

The infant stage defines the first twelve months of a child. During this stage, the child develops trust, security, love, and care as a primary hope. The improper care of a child during this stage can lead to mistrust.

Childhood stage

The childhood stage is the second stage that defines the age from one to three years. The child is introduced with self-control. They begin to explore new things, such as toys, clothes, etc.

Preschool stage

The third stage is the preschool stage, which defines the age from three to six years. The child is introduced to social actions, activities, and play. They learn to interact with others and develop a desire. The improper care of a child during this stage may cause a lack of initiative.

School going stage

The fourth stage is the school going stage that defines the age from six to twelve years. A child at this stage begins to compare themselves with others and peers. Some students feel proud of their achievements in academics, sports, activities, etc. But, some may feel inferior because they don't measure up. Improper care can result in the development of negativity and complexity for others.

Teen's stage

The teen's stage defines the age from twelve years to eighteen years. It is a stage that develops a sense of self in teenagers. They face some questions, like 'What they want to do in life' or 'which career suits them' etc. Teenagers successful at this stage develop strong beliefs, values, confidence, and responsibility. Some unsuccessful at this stage lacks confidence, future goals, and positivity.

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