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Top Remote Access Software

What is Remote Access Software

Remote Access software allows one computer to remotely access and control another computer through the network. This software enables the user to connect two or more computers present at the different networks and locations. The help desk of the firms mostly uses this type of software for technical troubleshooting of customer problems.

Use of Remote Access Software

There are some uses of remote access software given below:

  • Troubleshooting - This allows the IT administrator to connect to the customer's computer and fix problems remotely.
  • Work from home - The remote access software facilitates the people who work from home to connect to their company remotely if any problem or issue occurs while doing their work.
  • Help Desk - It is the help desk technicians' responsibility to solve the customers 'issues they face while using the product. So the remote access software allows the help desk technicians to solve the customers' problems remotely.
  • Personal Use - The user can also access someone's computer remotely for personal use, such as accessing files, sharing documents, etc.

List of Remote Access Software

There is a list of remote access software with their popular features, and the latest download link:

1. RescueAssist

RescueAssist is a cloud-based screen sharing software application. This software is used in the IT support teams and customer support organizations. It is also known as GoToAssist which was developed by Expertcity, founded in Santa Barbara, California, in 1997. This software allows users to access remote desktops and other internet-connected devices to provide technical support. In this, two computers are connected through a TP/IP network.

Features of RescueAssist

  • It enables Multi-Platform Support.
  • It provides interruption-free support.

To download the RescueAssist, click on the given link:

2. Radmin

Radmin is a remote control program that allows the user to access another computer remotely. This software offers instant technical support and provides secure remote access to the computers over the network.

Features of Radmin

  • It allows the user to access computers, even on a 3G network remotely.

To download the Radmin, click on the given link:

3. UltraVNC

UltraVNC is a remote administration or remote access software utility for Windows, Linux, and Microsoft operating systems. UltraVNC allows the user to remotely access and control the computer. The user needs to send mouse movements and keypress to the remote computer and experience the remote computer's performance locally in real-time. UltraVNC is similar to the free version of RealVNC. It also allows file transfer, chats functionality and various authentication methods.

Features of UltraVNC

  • It allows dual installation, which means you can remotely access someone's computer, and at the same time, any other user can access your computer remotely.
  • The user can communicate with the person who is remotely accessing your computer with the chat function's help.

To download the UltraVNC, click on the given link:

4. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is a remote access tool that is developed by Google. This software is originally a chrome extension. This software is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, OS X, and Chrome Operating system.

Features of Chrome Remote Desktop

  • It allows you to remotely access the computer even when the user is not logged in.
  • With the help of this software, many computers can connect at once.

To download the Chrome Remote Desktop, click on the given link:

5. Goverlan

Goverlan was developed and distributed by Goverlan Inc. It is remote support software that is designed for medium or large firms. Apart from the remote access, it has some other features that are IT process automation, IT management, Software installation, displaying system information, mapping printers and wake-on-LAN settings. The user can capture screenshots and record the session in video or audio. This software uses AES 256-bit encryption for Windows Vista and later versions and RSA 128-bit encryption for Windows XP and earlier versions.

Features of Goverlan

  • It allows communication with connected users through text and audio messages.
  • It protects user and company data and complies with industry regulations.

To download the Goverlan, click on the given link:

6. ISL Light Remote Desktop

ISL Light Remote Desktop is a web-based desktop sharing application that allows users to access and control computers and laptops remotely. It also offers a live chat feature to the users. It has two-factor authentication and uses AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption to protect the connected devices' data transfer. This software comes with live monitoring and a robust reporting function that allows the user to track or monitor the connected computer's user's performance.

Features of ISL Light Remote Desktop

  • It is very simple and easy to use.
  • This software offers multiple ways to establish a connection.
  • This software comes with an automatic session recording function.
  • This software enables the user to connect to the unattended computers through RDP.
  • The user can customize it as per their choice and needs.
  • This software is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android operating systems.

To download the ISL Light Remote Desktop, click on the given link:

7. Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager, also known as RDM, is a remote access application software that enables users to access someone's computer remotely securely. This software comes with two editions:

  • Free edition - This edition is for the individual users who use this software for personal use. This version of the software is available for free.
  • Enterprise Edition - This edition is for the IT professionals and Help desk technicians who have to share a connection and their password with their respective team members.

Features of Remote Desktop Manager

  • This software securely manages and launches all remote connections from a single platform.
  • This software stores all the passwords and credentials in a secure and centralized vault.
  • This software comes with granular protection access control feature that protects the established connection from multiple security attacks.
  • This user can access and launch a connection even when there is no connectivity.
  • Monitor and record all the actions performed by the user and client during the session.

To download the Remote Desktop Manager, click on the given link:

8. SupRemo

SupRemo is a desktop application that allows the user to access the computers or launch a meeting remotely. This software consists of small executable files that do not need any installation and configuration of routers and firewalls. This software supports USilio, and it is also UAC-compatible. Users can use their free version for personal use, and for business purposes, users will have to pay for it to unlock advanced features. This software is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Features of SupRemo

  • This software support AES 256-bit encryption that provides security to the data.
  • The user can customize the software and its interface according to their needs and distribute it to their customers.
  • It is very affordable.

To download the SupRemo, click on the given link:

9. VNC Connect

VNC Connect is a very popular remote access software that allows the user to connect to a computer remotely and access it quickly. This software comes in three editions that are given below:

  • Home - This is for personal use and connects to limited computers.
  • Professional - The professional version is used by small businesses and comes with advanced features and secured remote access.
  • Enterprise - This software is convenient for large businesses and comes with more advanced features.

Features of VNC Connect

  • This software is simple and easy to deploy and administer.
  • The user can transfer files, print and chat.
  • This software has a two-factor authentication, granular access control, and 256-bit AES encryption.
  • It offers multiple advanced features in very affordable price plans.

To download the VNC Connect, click on the given link:

10. Desktop Central

Desktop Central is a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) software that enables users to access and control computers and mobile devices from a remote location. This software comes with multi-OS support, includes Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, etc.

Features of Desktop Central

  • The user can connect with multiple computers at once.
  • It allows the user to transfer files and data.
  • This software comes with a video conferencing feature that permits users to communicate with each other during the session.
  • This software comes with more than 25 predefined configurations, including power management, USB device management, security policy, and many more.

To download the Desktop Central, click on the given link:

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