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Best Notepad++ Alternative Software

What is Notepad++

Notepad++ is an open-source source code editor for Microsoft Windows. This software has replaced the Notepad and consists of some additional features that were not present in its previous version (Notepad). This software has multiple tabbed editing features that enable the user to work on multiple open files in a single window.

Don Ho developed Notepad++ in September 2003. Notepad++ was written in C++ and used pure Win32 API and STL that provides the user with high execution speed and smaller program size.

Alternatives of Notepad++

Along with the advantages, Notepad++ also has some drawbacks. To overcome the drawbacks, there is some alternative software of notepad++ given below:

1. Atom

Atom is a free and open-source text and code editor software application. It supports plug-ins that are written in Node.js and embedded Git control developed by GitHub. Atom allows the user to customize their editor's feature and look according to their preference and need, by installing third-party packages and themes. This software was developed by using web technologies and managed by GitHub. This software is available for Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Notepad++ Alternative Software

Features of Atom

  • This software comes with a package manager integrated for plug-in support.
  • This software allows cross-platform user editing.

To download the Atom, click on the given link:

2. Emacs

Emacs is a text editor software designed for POSIX operating system and available for BSD, macOS, Windows etc. It has more than 10,000 built-in commands, and these commands combine into macros to automate work. It is a very light weighted software. This software is available for Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems.

Notepad++ Alternative Software

Features of Emacs

  • Emacs can run on GUI as well as in the terminal window.
  • This software supports Unicode for many social scripts.
  • Emacs is a highly customizable software.

To download Emacs, click on the given link:

3. NetBeans

NetBeans is an open-source integrated development environment for Java. This software supports the development of all types of Java applications. Apart from Java, this software consists of extensions of some other languages like C, C++, PHP, HTML5 and JavaScript. The third-party developers can extend the applications that are based on NetBeans and NetBeans IDE. The modules provide all the functionalities of the NetBeans. These modules enable the user to extend the IDE and add new features by installing additional modules. This software runs on macOS, Linux, and Windows.

Notepad++ Alternative Software

Features of NetBeans

  • This software provides the user with easy and efficient project management.
  • This software offers fast and smart code editing.
  • This software provides rapid user interface development.
  • This software facilitates the user to write bug-free code.

To download the NetBeans, click on the given link:

4. jEdit

jEdit is an open-source text editor software, written in Java. This software is available under the GNU General Public License version 2.0. This software consists of more than 150 plug-ins for different application areas. The user can also add additional formats to the software by installing XML files manually.

Notepad++ Alternative Software

Features of jEdit

  • The user can install additional plug-ins to the software with the help of plug-in manager feature.
  • This software is highly configurable and customizable.
  • This software supports many character encodings, including UTF-8.

To download the jEdit, click on the given link:

5. Geany

Geany is a stable and lightweight text editor. This software is designed to decrease the load time, also reducing the dependency on separate packages. This software support almost all programming languages such as C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, LaTex, CSS, Python, Pearl, Haskell, Vala, etc. This software is available for free under the terms and conditions of the GNU GPL version 2.

Notepad++ Alternative Software

Features of Geany

  • This software allows the user to add the note to apply the indent setting in the project preferences.
  • It provides a pop-up menu on the message window and sidebars.
  • This software provides bookmark features known as markers.
  • It supports multiple documents.
  • The user can extend the software by installing the external plug-ins.

To download the Geany, click on the given link:

6. TextMate

Textmate is a text editor software designed for general purpose/use. TextMate was developed on 5 October 2004 by Allan Odgaard. TextMate enables the user to create text highlight modes with a modified version of the Apple ASCII. This software comes with bundles that allow the user to customize the software, and bundles also support different programming languages, markup systems, workflows, etc.

Notepad++ Alternative Software

Features of TextMate

  • This software consists of an auto-indentation function.
  • This software comes with Pop-up functions that provide a quick overview and navigation.
  • This software allows the user to make multiple changes at once.
  • This software has a live preview function that displays the output within the editor while coding.

To download the TextMate, click on the given link:

7. VIM

VIM is an open source text editor software that is designed for Linux only. This software is the advanced version of the vi editor. It is also known as "programmer's editor" and supports all types of text editing. It is available as a stand-alone application that runs on a graphical user interface also available for the command-line interface. This software is highly customizable, allowing the users to make many changes in their text editing environment.

Notepad++ Alternative Software

Features of VIM

  • This software has extensive plug-in support.
  • It has macro recording and playback.
  • This software support several programming languages and file formats.
  • This software consists of plug-ins that allows the user to add new functionality to the software, such as integration with Git, showing CSS colors.

To download the VIM, click on the given link:

8. Light Table

Light Table is an IDE used for software engineering developed by Chris Granger and Robert Attorri. This software allows the programmer to see the real-time effects of the application, and it also reduces the developers' programming time up to 20%. This software is available for Mac, Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.

Notepad++ Alternative Software

Features of Light Table

  • This software consists of a power editing tool and plug-in manager.
  • It is a lightweight software.
  • This software has functions that allow the user to monitor the critical values in the source code.
  • This software provides fast execution, access to documents, and debugging.

To download the Light Table, click on the given link:

9. Brackets

Brackets is a source code editor software specially designed for web development. This software is written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This software was developed by the Adobe system on 4 November 2014. It is a cross-platform and open-source software that is licensed under MIT License.

Notepad++ Alternative Software

Features of Brackets

  • This software comes with a Quick edit feature that allows the user to do inline editing in CSS and JavaScript elements.
  • This software also has a Live Preview function that automatically updates the output in the browser when the developer makes changes in the code.
  • With the help of the Split view function, the user can work on two files at once.
  • Apart from web technologies, the brackets also support other programming languages such as C, C++, VBScript, JavaScript, Pearl, Python, HTML and Ruby.

To download the Brackets, click on the given link:

10. Bluefish

Bluefish is a powerful text editor software that comes with multiple tools for programming and web development. It is lightweight and easy to learn software that also consists of a feature on the IDE (Integrated Development Environment). This software is available in almost 17 languages. Bluefish supports many programming and markup languages such as HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, PHP, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Go, Vala, Ada, SQL, JSP, Python and many more.

Notepad++ Alternative Software

Bluefish was developed in 1997 by Chris Mazuc and Olivier Sessink. This software runs on Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS-X, Windows, OpenBSD and Solaris operating systems.

Features of Bluefish

  • This software comes with wizards (setup assistance) that assist the programmers while doing their tasks.
  • This software has syntax-highlighting, auto-completion, code folding, auto-recovery and many more functions.
  • It consists of tools that allow the user to find and replace the text at once.
  • The user can redo or undo unlimited times.

To download the bluefish, click on the given link:

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