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Scala Inheritance

Inheritance is an object oriented concept which is used to reusability of code. You can achieve inheritance by using extends keyword. To achieve inheritance a class must extend to other class. A class which is extended called super or parent class. a class which extends class is called derived or base class.


Understand the Simple Example of Inheritance

Scala Inheritance 1

Scala Single Inheritance Example


Salary = 10000.0
Bonus = 5000

Types of Inheritance in Scala

Scala supports various types of inheritance including single, multilevel, multiple, and hybrid. You can use single, multilevel and hierarchal in your class. Multiple and hybrid can only be achieved by using traits. Here, we are representing all types of inheritance by using pictorial form.

Scala Inheritance 2

Scala Multilevel Inheritance Example


salary1 = 10000
salary2 = 20000

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