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Sphere Formula

Sphere is a solid 3 dimensional (x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis), geometrical shape, symmetrical circular-shaped object. It does not have any flat surfaces, edges, and vertices. Sphere examples are football, Basket Ball, World Globe, Plants, and more.

Characteristics of a Sphere

A list of Characteristics of a Sphere is given below -

  • A sphere is a three-dimensional solid symmetrical object.
  • It is round in shape.
  • Based on its radius, it has a surface area and volume.
  • It does not have any corners, edges, and faces.

Component of Sphere

A Sphere contains the following components -

Diameter - The longest line that passes through the center of a Sphere is called Diameter. It is denoted by D or d.

Radius - Half of a Diameter is called radius. It is denoted by R or r.

Formulas of a Sphere

The below table shows the three main formulas of a Sphere -

Diameter of a Sphere D=2r
Surface Area of a Sphere A=4πr2
Volume of a Sphere V=(4⁄3)πr3

Where, r=radius of a Sphere

π =22⁄7 or 3.14

D = Diameter of a Sphere

A = Area of a Sphere

V = Volume of a Sphere

Example 1:

If the radius of a sphere is 5 cm, then calculate the following:

  • Diameter of a Sphere
  • Surface area of a Sphere
  • Volume of a Sphere


Given -

Radius of a Sphere (r) = 5 cm

(i) Diameter of a Sphere (D) = 2r

                      = 2×5

                      = 10 cm

(ii) Surface area of Sphere (A) = 4πr2

                      = 4×3.14×5×5

                      = 314 cm2

(iii) Volume of a Sphere (V) = (4⁄3)πr3

Sphere Formula

Example 2: Write a C program to calculate the following -

  • Diameter of a Sphere
  • Surface area of a Sphere
  • Volume of a Sphere



Enter radius of a Sphere 5
Diameter of a Sphere is = 10
Area of a Sphere is = 314.000000
Volume of a Sphere is = 523.333351

Example 2: Write C++ program to calculate Sphere Formulas -



Enter Radius of Sphere : 9
Diameter of Sphere = 18
Area of Sphere = 1017
Volume of Sphere = 3052

Example 3: Write a Java Program to calculate diameter, area, and volume of a Sphere.



Diameter of a Sphere = 14
Area of a Sphere = 616.000000
Volume of a Sphere = 1437.33333333464

Example 4: Write a PHP program to calculate following Sphere formulas -

  • Diameter of a Sphere
  • Surface area of a Sphere
  • Volume of a Sphere



Diameter of the Sphere = 36
Area of the Sphere = 4073.1428571466
Volume of the Sphere = 24438.857142879

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