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Swift For-in Loop

The Swift For-in loop is used to run a set of tasks for a certain number of times. This loop does repetitive process a number of times.

For example

If you want to write a syntax that prints "Hello JavaTpoint", the simple syntax will be:

What would be if you have to write the same print statement 5 times? The simple solution would be:

But, there is one solution. You can use for-in loop to print the same statement and make the code shorter.

Example 1:


Good Morning Ajeet
Good Morning Aryan
Good Morning Ayan
Good Morning Alex

A Swift program to print the table of a specific number (Here, it is 5.)


1 times 5 is 5
2 times 5 is 10
3 times 5 is 15
4 times 5 is 20
5 times 5 is 25
6 times 5 is 30
7 times 5 is 35
8 times 5 is 40
9 times 5 is 45
10 times 5 is 50

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