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Remainder Operator

Swift 4 remainder operator (a%b) specifies how many multiples of the second operand (b) will fit inside first operand (a) and returns the value that is left over (known as the remainder).

Note: In other language, the remainder operator is known as modulo operator but in Swift 4, its behavior for negative numbers strictly specifies that it is a remainder rather than a modulo operation.

For example, to calculate 9%4, first find out how many 4s will fit inside 9.

Remainder Operator

There are two 4s inside 9 and 1 value is remaining. So, it will show 1 as output.

In Swift, it will be written as:

For a % b, the % operator calculates the following equation and returns remainder as output:

Here, multiplier is the largest number of multiples of b that will fit inside a.

Same method for negative value of a

The sign of b is ignored for negative values of b. This means that a % b and a % -b always give the same result.

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