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TortoiseSVN is a popular SVN client that is used to communicate with the SVN server. It is a revision control, version control, and source control software for windows. It is based on a top Apache product 'Subversion'. It provides a splendid and easy user interface for the SVN.

It is developed under the GPL (General public license), which means it is open-source and free. The source code of the SVN is also available, so we can also develop our version.

Since it's not an integration tool for the IDE's like Eclipse, Visual Studio, or others, we can use it with any development tools we like, and with any file.

Features of TortoiseSVN

Features of SVN are as follows:

  • It is easy to use.
  • All commands can be performed directly from the window explorer.
  • It allows us to move files by dragging and dropping from the window explorer.
  • It supports all SVN protocols.
  • It has a robust commit dialogue.
  • It provides a flexible mechanism to integrate it with any web-based issue tracking system.

Installation of TortoiseSVN (SVN Client)

Installation of TortoiseSVN is a straight forward process. Below are the required steps to install it.

First of all, we need an installer file.

To download the installer file, visit the TortoiseSVN official Download page. Here we can see the various download options. Consider the below image:


Kindly select the required options according to our system configuration, whether it is 32bit or 64 bit. After this, the installer file will start downloading.

Run the installer file to start the installation. The setup wizard will start the installation, click Next to continue.


The next step is to read the license agreement. Read the license agreement and click Next to continue the installation.


The next step is to pick and install the location and features. Pick the location and select the features you want to install. Click Next to continue the installation.


Now we are all set to go with the TortoiseSVN. The setup wizard is ready to begin the custom installation. Click Install to complete the installation.


We have completed the installation process. Click Finish to explore the TortoiseSVN.


We have successfully installed the TortoiseSVN client for the SVN server.

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