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Talend Tutorial

Talend Tutorial

Talend tutorial provides basic and advanced concepts of Talend. This tutorial is designed for students and working professionals.

Talend is an ETL tool that contains the different products like data quality, application integration, data management, data integration, data preparation, and big data. These products are used for software solutions.

The most popular product of Talend Studio is data integration and big data.

In this tutorial, you will understand all the basics of Talend Open Studio for Big Data and Data integration.

What is Talend?

  • The Talend is an open-source software integration platform that allows various solutions like data integration, data management solutions, big data, data quality, and data preparation.
  • Talend introduced to the market in 2005, as the first commercial open source software vendor of data integration software.
  • Talend is a tool that makes the ETL process easy and profitable.
  • Talend is one of the most powerful data integration ETL tools, cloud computing, and big data integration tools available in the market.
  • It is specialized in Big Data because it has all the plugins to integrate with big data efficiently.
  • Talend is used to unify the repository for storing and reusing the metadata.
  • Talend is available in both open source and premium versions.
  • Talend's data integration had an ability which combines the data from the various sources on to a single view that is highly advanced and of a great utility.
  • The very first product of Talend is Talend Open Studio, which is launched in 2006.
  • Nowadays, it is known as Talend open Studio for Data Integration.
  • As from then, it released a wide range of products, which are used commonly in the market.
  • In real-time, Talend helps the organization to make decisions and become more data-driven.
  • Talend recognized as the next generation leader in the cloud and big data integration software because after using Talend, data becomes more accessible, its quality enhances, and it can be moved quickly to the target systems.
  • Talend offers faster development and deployment to automate a task.
  • Talend is less expensive because it is open-source, which can be downloaded free of cost.
  • Talend provides a unified platform that meets all of our needs under a common foundation.
  • Talend backup up by a vast community, because it is an open-source tool and the preferred location for all the Talend users and community members where they can share their doubts, queries, experiences, etc.

History of Talend:

The Talend tool is founded by Fabrice Bonan and Bertrand Diard to identify a gap in the enterprise information world.

Talend Introduction

The product list which is launched by Talend is as follows,

  • The Open Studio Version 1.0 is launched in 2006.
  • The Integration suite or closed second round of financing is launched in 2007.
  • The Data Quality or the Open Profiler came into the market in 2008.
  • The integration suite RTx (real-time), MPx (massive parallel), and MDM (Master data Management) was launched in 2009.
  • The IDM (identity management) community edition or MDM enterprise Edition was launched in 2010.
  • The Application Integration was launched in 2011.
  • In 2012, Talend big data were launched to collect the data from the diverse data source, and govern big data projects centrally.
  • Talend launched the Hadoop 2.0 version in 2013.
  • In 2015, Talend Cloud was launched to serve the needs of a business and IT terms.
  • In 2016, Talend went to public on NASDAQ (TLND) and the Data Preparation.
  • Data fabric was launched in 2017.

Let see the brief introduction of Talend product,

Data Integration:

The data integration is an open-source testing tool, which facilitates the ETL (extract, transfer, and loading) testing, which includes all the features of ELT testing.

Data Quality:

The Data quality is the first open-source data quality tool, which has the enterprise-grade feature, and the technical supports.

MDM [Master Data Management]:

MDM has unified all the master data into a single and actionable version of the truth. It is used to combine real-time data, applications, and integration processes with the embedded data quality to share across on-premises, cloud, and mobile apps.

Application Integration:

Talend application integration solutions provide an easy to use graphical interface that allows us to develop, build, test and publish web services, data services, rest application, and mediation routes.

Big Data Integration:

Talend Big data offers an environment that has the graphical tools that generate the native code, which helps us to work with Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, and Spark Streaming. For big data applications, Talend open studio has an open-source platform.

Cloud Integration:

Talend cloud integration is used to get the value out of our data, application and its APIs are faster with a highly secure and scalable iPaaS [integration platform-as-a-service].

Data Preparation:

Talend data preparation is an open-source environment that allows us to prepare our data quickly, and also helps us to export the results into the trusted insights throughout the organization.

Data Fabric:

Talend data fabric is used to handle all our data integration and integrity challenges on-premises or in the cloud.

This tool is easy to use in real-time across big data, and cloud environments, as well as the traditional systems, allows them to develop a unified view of their business and customers in the organizations.

It combines the platform edition of a Talend product into a common set.

Careers opportunity for Talend professionals:

Career opportunity with Talend keeps growing, with the increasing application of cloud and big data.

Who has experience in Talend can be offered for these roles,

  • Cloud account executive
  • Salesforce business analyst
  • Senior data quality analyst
  • Data Integrity Specialist
  • Marketing director data integration


Our Talend tutorial is designed for beginners who want to become an ETL expert and for professionals also.


Before going further in this tutorial, we must have the basic knowledge of following so that we can understand the concept of Talend more clearly:

  • ETL (extract, transform, loading)
  • Data warehousing concepts


We assure you that you will not find any problem with our Talend tutorial. But, if you find any mistake, you can post it in our comment section.

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