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Talend Open Studio

In this section of the tutorial, we will learn all about Talend Open Studio, the advantage of Talend studio, and system requirement for Talend open studio.

"Talend Open Studio is an eclipse based developer tool and job designer tool".

  • It is an open-source ETL tool for Big Data, Data Integration, Data Profiling, Cloud Integration, and more.
  • To use the Talend Open Studio tool, we need to drag and drop the components and connect them to create and run the ETL jobs.
  • We need not write the code because it will create the java code automatically for the job.
  • It has the GUI platform, which allows more than 900 + pre-built connectors, which helps us to perform operations like load data, transform files, move, and rename files.
  • Talend Open Studio is used to connect with data sources like Excel, RDBMS, SaaS, and Big Data ecosystem and technology like CRM, SAP, and EXCEL, and so on.
  • The Talend Open Studio can easily combine, convert, and upload the data available in the various sources.

System Requirement for Talend Studio:

The System requirements for Talend open studio is as follows,

The Operating system for Talend studio,

Operating System version processor Support type
Microsoft window 7,10 64-bit Recommended
Ubuntu 14.04,16.04 LTS 64-bit Recommended
Apple macOS 10.13/High Sierra 64-bit Supported

Memory requirements:

  • Memory:-4GB Minimum,8GB recommended
  • Disk space:-30 GB

Note:-java 8 must be available, and the environment variable must be set.

Advantage of Talend Open Studio:

  • Using Talend open studio, we can easily manage all the steps which involve in the ETL process.
  • Talend open studio act as a code generator that converts all the underlying jobs into the java code automatically.
  • Talend open studio is open-source; that's why it is free and significant cost saving.
  • It is used to update and convert the data which is present in the various sources.
  • It is used to manage and monitor the deployment very quickly.
  • It keeps adding new features to these tools, and the documentation is also well structured and easy to follow.
  • In the last few years, it becomes a top-rated tool because it has a wide section of source/target connector, which is used by multiple big organizations for data integration.
  • The Talend open studio is also reducing the time taken to develop the integration.

Extensions for Talend Open Studio:

The extensions for Talend Open Studio is as follows,

  • Talend Integration Suite
  • Talend on Demand
  • Talend Data Quality
  • Talend Open Profiler

Talend Integration Suite:

It is the first open-source enterprise data integration solution. It supports the complex requirements of business development, scales to the highest levels of data volumes, and process complexity.

Talend on Demand:

It is used for consolidating the Talend Open Studio metadata, the project information, and the shared repository, which is hosted by the Talend.

Talend Data Quality:

This is the first open-source data quality solution, which has the enterprise-grade and the technical support features.

It is a graphical data quality management platform that processes data like phone number, address, synonyms, and abbreviations. It has both data cleansing and data profiling capabilities.

Talend Open Profiler:

The Talend open profiler offers the business users or the data management members to define a set of indicators for each data element, which is needed to be analyzed or monitored.

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