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Talend-Data Integration:

In this section, we will discuss one of the most popular products of Talend Open Studio that is: Talend data integration.

"Talend offers the Open Studio for Data Integration and Big Data."

  • Data integration is a process where most of the organizations get the data from multiple places and placed them separately.
  • If the organization had to take some decision, they took the data from the different sources and put it in the unified view, and then they will analyze it and get the result.
  • Talend data integration is an open-source testing tool, which facilitates the ETL (extract, transfer, and loading) testing that includes all the features of ELT testing.
  • Data integration is a tool that has an open, scalable architecture, and it also allows a faster response to the business request.
  • The user can perform ETL tasks on the remote server having different operating systems by using a Talend data integration tool.
  • Data integration can easily integrate data with the help of other data warehouses, or we can also say that it will synchronize the data between systems.

The Talend data integration tool provides the development and deployment of jobs faster than the handwritten code.

Data integration principle:

The data integration principle lies behind various functions like business intelligence or analytics integration, which is also known as a data warehouse and operational integration that includes data capture and migration, database synchronization, inter-application data exchange, and so on.

Data analytics:

For analyzing and reporting tools, ETL is used to retrieve the data from all the operational systems and pre-process it.

Talend Data Integration

Talend studio provides the detailed connectivity for analyzing, reporting, dash-boarding, score-carding, Talend provide data warehouse, data marts, and OLAP application.

To address the growing variation of sources, Talend provides the packaged application like ERP, CRM, etc., database, mainframe, files, and web services.

The built-in advanced components for ELT include string manipulation, automatic lookup handling, bulk loads supports, slowly changing dimensions, and so on.

Operational integration:

The operational integration is addressed by implementing the custom program or routines, completed on demand for a specific need.

Talend Data Integration

The most common application of data integration is data migration/ loading, and data synchronization/replication, which require the complex mapping and transforming with aggregations, calculations due to the variation in the data structure.

Talend Open Studio: Data Integration Installation

In this section, we will understand how to install Talend Open Studio for Data Integration platform,

Follow the below steps to download the Talend Studio:


Talend Data Integration
  • When we click on the Windows Download button, it will download the TOS_DI-win32-20190620_1446-V7.2.1.exe file.

Note: Before we start installing the Talend studio, make sure that we should have an active internet connection in our local system.


  • Install the downloaded Exe file, and we can also give the path to our destination folder by clicking on the Browse button.
  • Then, click on the install button as we can notice in the below image,
Talend Data Integration
  • After installing, extract the contents of the zip file, and it will create a folder, which has all the Talend files, as we can see in the below screenshot:
Talend Data Integration


  • Open the Talend folder, and click on the TDS_DI-win-x86_64 file, as we can see in the below image:
Talend Data Integration
  • After that, click on the Accept button.
Talend Data Integration


  • Create a new project as Talend_Project, and click on the Finish button, which is as shown below:
Talend Data Integration


  • In case we got any Windows Security Alert, then click on the Allow Access button, as we can notice in the below snapshot:
Talend Data Integration


  • Once we have completed all the steps, we will get the Talend Open Studio welcome
  • If we want to take the quick tour of the Talend Studio, click on the NEXT button, otherwise click on the CLOSE button as we can see in the below screenshot:
Talend Data Integration

Once we click on the CLOSE button, the main window of the Talend studio will open with all the features like Repository panel, design workspace, palette, and the configuration panel.

Talend Data Integration


  • Click on the Finish button to install the required third-party libraries.
Talend Data Integration


  • After clicking on the Finish button, download external module window appears on the screen.
  • Click on the Accept the license agreement radio button.
  • Click on the Finish button, as we can see in the below image:
Talend Data Integration


  • The Confirmation message box will be shown on the screen, and click on the Yes button.
Talend Data Integration

Advantage of Talend for data integration tool:

Data Integration has many benefits which are as described below,

  • This tool offers advanced scheduling and monitoring features.
  • It improves the combination between different teams in the company and trying to access company data.
  • It is used to save time and reduce data analysis because the data is integrated easily.
  • It response faster to the business request without writing the code.
  • With the help of this tool, we will not have to wait for using the latest data integration features.
  • It will provide real-time data integration with dashboards and centralized control for fast deployment across multiple nodes.
  • It will combine robust versioning, testing and debugging, impact analysis, and metadata management.
  • It will pay the lowest price for the ownership because Talend offers the subscription-based on the pricing model.

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