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Who Invented Drone?

At present, it is so easy to track someone because of Drones which specifically made for military purposes. It's true thathumans have a deep desire of flight. They are curious to know unheard or untold facts of the sky. For that, they are always ready fly in the sky and see this earth from heights. He always has done hard work for that. And we can say that theyhave also found success in his endeavours.

After the invention of aircrafts by Wright Brothers in 1903, man started more and more experiments in Aerial Vehicles. From the very beginning, aircrafts was made up to serve military. The purpose was to detect the target from heights which is still safer than the lands.

Similarly, drone was also invented for military purposes.It has become the most valuable asset for the military aviation. However, as of now it is a central part of civil life. It is using in various fields. But before dive into deep discussion, first let's see the inventor of drone and how it became the such a important tool of technology:

Who and when invented?

The genius and innovative mind behind the predator or drone isAbraham E. Karem. He is also called as the Father of UAV Technology. UAV stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Who Invented Drone

Early Life:-

Abraham was born in 27 June, 1937.He was born in Baghdad, Iraq. After few years, his family shifted to Israel where he grew up and took higher education. From the childhood, he had a deep passion in science and technology. When he was just 14 years old, he made the aircraft's models. He had a garage in his home where he ran experiments.

Furthermore, due to his passion in science and aerial vehicles, he graduated in Aeronautics. He was made up his first drone For Israeli Air Force during the time of World War.He immigrated to the California, United States in 1970.

Ibrahim may have lived in any country, but he has always served the air force of that country with his knowledge and innovations. Abraham's inventions was most famous and less with advanced technologies. It was used in the service of United States and Italian Air Force.

Amber was his first most sophisticated drone which was the most famous predator drone. Because of his invention Amber, he is known as the Father of Drone.

How was invent drone?

After the invention of aircrafts, these aircrafts has widely used for military purposes. But there was also a drawback with aircrafts; that is, aircrafts was flown by humans. But the chances of accident were high due to any technical fault and aircraft caught fire due to high wind pressure. On account of having such accidents, there was a risk to both loss of life and loss of property.

  • Robotic Drone
    Then firstly, robotic plane came into the picture. These airplanes flew by Robots. But this type of airplanes needed high budget. Because engineers had to manage expenses of drone as well as The Robotic Pilot. So that was quite expensive.
    Who Invented Drone
  • UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)
    For overcome such situation and saving humans life, first time the idea came to invent something which was flown by without humans and something which can flew by remote. Then the UAVs developed which is the abbreviation form of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. UAVs fly by remote and that has become the most essential technology for Air Forces.

AbrahamKarem's Achievements:-

Abraham was the man who created predator and robotic planes. Karem and his teams did so many innovations in Aeronautics. In 2010, Abraham Karem got the honour to elect as the member of NationalAcademyof Engineering.

Now his predator has kept in the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum for display.

Advanced Drones:-

Drones are too advanced now. It is laced with microprocessors, navigation technology, digital and remote flight controlling systems, high definition and wide range camera, broadband communication system, engine, satellitesand missiles. That's why in today's time, having this technology shows the progress of that country and strength of their armed forces.

The most important technology is used in Nanotechnology. Because drones are very small and each component of drone is developed by NanoMaterials.

Uses of Drones:-

From military purposes to children's toys, drones have made their place everywhere. There are several uses of drone are given below:

  • Drones are also used for several civil purposes. Drone shooting is very common at present. Film industries (cinematography), photoshoots, travel vlogs etc, all are shoot by drones.
  • Drones have also made their way into children's toys.
    There are so many Drone Toys are available in the market.
  • Drones are also used for It is used by National Security Agencies, Intelligence Bureau, Central Security, Traffic Control Police for surveillance which is essential activity for security of Nation.
  • Drones are very helpful at the places where human life cup is in danger. Terrorist active regions and at very high places where it takes a long time for man to reach.

Anti-Drone Technology:-

Now, few countries are using drones for wrong activities. Some countries are using drones to attack another country, for trafficking drugs illegally and also using for explosive carriers.

So at present these mini drones are the biggest challenge for every military force.The threat of drone attacks from neighbouring countries is increasing. They send explosive materials from drones and used in trafficking drugs.

Drones are very small in size so it is difficult to detect drone through the radar. If we will try to detect such mini drones in the radar system, then there will be a drawback, radar systems will detect the birds also. Because the size of both is quite similar.

So for overcoming such terrible problem, every country is trying to develop the Anti-DroneTechnologies.

Future of Drone Technology:-

In future, every country is focusing on research and development forlaunching more advance drone technology. Nanotechnologyis alsoinvesting for making mini drones.

This is the very fact that now is the time of technology. The power of Nation is measured by its technical growth. In the coming times, the wars will not be fought by humans, it was fought by technology. Technology will fight with technology.

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