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XQuery Features

There are many features of XQuery query language. A list of top features are given below:

  • XQuery is a functional language. It is used to retrieve and query XML based data.
  • XQuery is expression-oriented programming language with a simple type system.
  • XQuery is analogous to SQL. For example: As SQL is query language for databases, same as XQuery is query language for XML.
  • XQuery is XPath based and uses XPath expressions to navigate through XML documents.
  • XQuery is a W3C standard and universally supported by all major databases.

Advantages of XQuery

  • XQuery can be used to retrieve both hierarchal and tabular data.
  • XQuery can also be used to query tree and graphical structures.
  • XQUery can used to build web pages.
  • XQuery can be used to query web pages.
  • XQuery is best for XML-based databases and object-based databases. Object databases are much more flexible and powerful than purely tabular databases.
  • XQuery can be used to transform XML documents into XHTML documents.

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