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Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones

A mobile phone (also called a mobile cellular network, cell phone, or handphone) is an electric device used for full-duplex two-way radio telecommunication over a cellular network of base stations known as a cell site.

In this article, we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones. Before starting the topic, we want to ask some questions from you -

Do you use Smartphones for a long time?

Do you feel irritating without your mobile, or can't you live for a second without your cell phone?

Are you habitual of using the internet for 6-10 hours on your cell phone every day?

If your answer is yes, then this post is going to be very helpful to you and give you complete information about the benefits and limitations of using mobile phones.

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones

Hope this article will be helpful to you in order to take information about mobile phones. This article can also be beneficial for students to write an essay or make their presentation on the pros and cons of using the mobile phone. So, without any delay, let's start the topic.


In today's era, there are very few persons that do not have a mobile or not using mobile phones. Nowadays, mobile become a priority in everyone's life, so that every person uses it in their daily life for communication, business purposes, and for other activities. In today's world, the mobile phone has completely changed the life of an individual.

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones

We know that everything has its own impacts, good or bad. Same for the mobile phones, somehow it is a wonderful invention, and on the other hand, it includes the worst things with it. As a right perspective, the mobile phone is an extraordinary invention for humans, but using it for many hours constantly will create several problems.

Now, let's discuss the advantages of mobile phones in detail.

Advantages of mobile phones

Mobile phones have changed the way of communication. Before mobiles, there was a use of landline phones or letters for communicating with a person who lives far from you.

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones

Mobile phone is not limited to communication; it has various other benefits and limitations too. Mostly people are aware with the advantages of mobile phones. The benefits of mobile phones are discussed as follows -

Easy Communication

The main benefit of using the mobile phone is that they make the mode of communication easier and cheap. Because of the lower price, mobile is affordable and has been a revolution in the telecom industry where approximately 95% of people use mobile phones for communication.

Mobile made communication easier, as just by pressing some keys on mobile, we can contact our friends, family members or colleagues, and others at any time. Mobile also gives us a facility to contact our fellow person with voice calls, video calls, text messages, recorded calls, and many more.


It is another major advantage of mobile phones. Mobile phones can be used to acquire knowledge or information on various topics. For convenience, nowadays, most colleges, institutions, and schools are offering online education with the proper study material that can be in the form of images, photos, text, pdf, etc. In the corona pandemic, we have seen that the students have taken online classes provided by their respective institutions to ensure the safety and health of students.

Social media

In today's era, mobile phones are not only used for calling purposes. Smartphones are said to be a gift for social media lovers. Social media apps like Twitter, Instagram, snap chat, Facebook, etc., are at our fingertips at any time. We can edit and share our pictures and posts on social media directly from our mobile phones. Mobile gives us the facility to access social media at all times.

Most people use their mobile phones to scroll through their timeline of social media platforms in their free time.

Promoting business

Mobile phones can be used for promoting a business. Mobile phones are best for entrepreneurs or businessmen to promote their business via online or offline sources. In online sources, one can use social media websites and messaging applications such as telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest, and others. Most of the leading companies arrange their meetings on video messaging applications like skype.

One of the old offline methods to promote business using mobile phones is text messages. In today's era, most companies are still promoting their business via text messages. At the end of every message, they put a link to their product page or business website.

Good for people's safety

In today's world, criminal activities happen on the next level, so keeping a mobile phone with yourself is a good safety option. In day-to-day life, we heard about so many criminal activities such as kidnapping, theft, or others, so mobile helps us in a different types of illegal activities, as it is the fastest communicating device. It helps us to call the police and relatives so that they provide us help as soon as possible.

Helpful in emergency situations

Suppose a situation in which you are driving a car on an unknown road, and the car gets stuck. So in this situation, mobile is the first device that helps us to call the mechanic or any family member to get rid of the problem. If we get sick and need a doctor, and no one is at home. So in these situations, mobile is the device which we can use for fast communication.

Earn money via mobile

We can use our smartphones to earn money. We can create blogs, YouTube videos, promote business, and other activities to make money.

Accessing the internet through mobile phones

It is easy to access the internet by mobile phones. Because of the internet in mobile, people are less required to go cyber café for using the internet, or even they don't have to sit in front of computers for accessing the internet. It is easy to access high-speed internet through mobiles.

Mobile phones can be used for Entertainment

In today's world mobiles are the popular way of entertainment. Newly updated mobiles have big HD displays on which people can watch movies, listen to songs, and can play games. Every second person uses mobile for their entertainment.

Camera in Mobile phones

Latest mobiles include the best resolution cameras that help not to miss any moment to capture. Before mobiles, people used to take cameras with them to capture memorable moments, but now it can be done with mobile phones.

Now, mobiles include both front and back cameras, by which we can take selfies. It is easy to take selfies and pictures from mobile.

GPS location

It is one of the best benefits of the mobile phone. Mobile gives us information about the current location and destination. Before mobile phones, it was hard to track the location, but after the development of mobiles, it is easy to track the current location and destination. We can select a destination on the map, and it will give us the direction of the ways and also suggest us the shortest route and estimated time to reach there.


Mobiles have the feature of flashlights. Instead of keeping a torch, it is easy to use a flashlight on mobile phones. But the flashlight works till the battery is charged.

Alarms and reminders

We can set alarms and reminders on mobile phones. We can set our routine, appointments, meeting with a doctor, medicine timings, etc., on our mobile phone that helps us to remind all our scheduled tasks.


There is a calculator feature present in mobile phones. If we need to calculate bills, taxes, invoices, mathematical calculations, or other calculations, we can use mobiles. Some mobiles also have a scientific calculator with them, which can be helpful for students to calculate their mathematical problems.


Before mobile, people used to keep diaries with them to save the mobile numbers. But now, it is easy to save any contact number on mobile phones. It is also easy to find someone's contact number on the mobile phone just by searching their name in the address book.

Online banking

Online banking can also be done via mobile phones. Through mobiles, it is easy to access the bank accounts, checking the account status, and transferring of money from one bank to another. We can also pay electricity bills and others via mobile phones.

So these are the advantages of using mobile phones. Now, let's see the negative side of mobiles. Let us talk about the disadvantages or the harmful effects of using mobile phones.

Disadvantages of mobile phones

Along with the numerous benefits, mobile phones also have various limitations. Let's discuss the limitations of using mobile phones in detail.

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones


Sometimes mobile is a disturbing device that creates a distraction between your works. It is seen in students that are easily distracted from their studies because of mobiles, as the device contains applications that attract users to enjoy their software. One such application is the various mobile games that are being played a couple of days make the people addicted and distracted from their goals.

Ear problems

While listening to songs, watching movies, or calling for a long time with headphones or headset can damage the listening potential of an individual. It has been seen in researches that using headphones with the louder hearing sound seriously disturbs the capability of ears to hear voice properly.

Wastage of time

Although mobiles are helpful in various aspects, it is one of the biggest thing responsible for the wastage of time. Most students and teenagers are affected by it. Students want to play games, watching movies, listening songs, and other kinds of entertainment that waste their precious time.

Addiction to mobile phone

Addiction to mobile phones is termed "Nomophobia". In this mental disorder, people are unable to stop themselves without using mobile phones. They even can't imagine themself without a mobile. Using mobile phones too much makes a person addicted to them.


Cyberbullying means to send, post, or share negative, false, and harmful content about someone else. Research shows that most students and teenagers got cyberbullied. Cyberbullying puts someone's life in danger.

Security issues

These are the common issues that happen with mobile users. iPhone IOS is little bit secure but in android phones breaching someone's privacy and data is easier for hackers. Security issues are the dangerous effects of using mobile phones for people. People faced a lot of problems due to security issues, such as loss of money, image, reputation, and others.

Loss of study

Using mobile phones in excessive amounts is a major disadvantage for students. Mobile phones mostly affect the study of students. Mobile phones distract students from the study. Students majorly focus on playing games, watching movies, and other entertainment on mobile that decreases their grades.

Health problems

Excessive use of mobile phones causes the health problems such as swelling of the eyes and other eyesight problems. Mobile phones include mental disorders such as Anger, depression, anxiety, tension, and others.

Sleeping issues

Using the mobile phone in an excessive amount badly affects the sleeping routine. People use mobile even during sleeping time. At night, some people stuck on their mobile phone's screen that disturbed their sleeping routine a lot.


People stuck in their mobiles, even walking on roads, or driving a car. Using a mobile phone while driving causes accidents and puts the lives of others at risk. It is very dangerous to use mobile while driving, as mobile users while driving can injure them and can kill other people by accidents.

Distance from relatives

Although mobiles connect the people from a distance and we can communicate with them easily, but if we do not use it properly, it can create distance from friends, relatives, family members that are close to us. It is observed many times that the members of a family are sitting in a restaurant and stuck to their phones and not talking with each other.


That's all about the article. The advantages and disadvantages of a mobile phone are not limited to this article. There are many more benefits and limitations of using a mobile phone.

Now we have to understand the proper use of mobile phones. Please use your mobile for a limited time like for important work like studies, calling, business marketing. It should not be used for playing games continuously or watching long videos.

Stop using the mobile phone for a long time and do not get addicted to it. Mobile phones and even everything have their own limitations and benefits, so it is entirely up to the user how they use them. Therefore, one should always use things or a mobile phone by keeping the bad effects in mind.

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