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Advantages and Disadvantages of Fax

The term faxing is used in sending documents via telephone lines. The fax machine is the name of the technology that dispatches documents. Fax is a short form of "facsimile," and the meaning in Latin is "make similar." The device is commonly used in homes and offices to communicate documents.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fax


Wire Transmission

Alexander Bain, the Scottish inventor, had devoted time to chemical mechanical fax-type technology, and in 1846, he was able to regenerate graphic signs in laboratory experiments. He got patent 9745 for his "Electric Printing Telegraph" on 27 May 1843. Bain's machine was improved, and corrections were made by Frederick Bakewell and presented as a telefax machine.

Giovanni Caselli, the Italian Physicist, invented the Pantelegraph. The first commercial telefax service was introduced by him between Paris and Lyon in 1865, just 11 before the introduction of the telephone.

Shelford Bidwell, an English inventor, in1880 developed a scanning photo-telegraph device. This was the first device to scan any two-dimensional original and did not require physical plotting or drawing.

The "Telephane" account written by Henry Suttons was published in 1896. Arthur Korn, the German Physicist in 1900, developed a Bildtelegraph and spread in Continental Europe.

Richard H Ranger of Radio Corporation of America developed the wireless photo radiogram, and now the advanced version of that machine is called Fax Machine.

How Does a Fax Machine Work?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fax

The Fax is dispatched with the aid of two machines: one sends the document, and the other receives the document. These machines are linked to telephone lines. The machine reads the pattern of ink on the page. Sending machine has a processor which transforms the information into bits. The computer understands the information into bits or pieces. If the user wants to send big documents with information, it will require more bits. Fax requires more time to transmit huge amounts of data. These bits are sent via telephone lines. The receiving machine's processors process this information to make copies of the information.

Working on Fax Machine at Home

Process of installation of Fax at home

  • Connects the fax machine at the outlet.
  • Link the phone line
  • Ensure the paper in the fax machine
  • Start the fax machine

A standard component of the modern fax machine is a printer, a scanner, or a modem. When you put a document into the fax machine, the scanner turns on the digital signal, which gets transferred over the phone line. The recipient machine decodes the document to produce a physical document.

The Working Method of the Wireless Fax Machine

If you send to fax through the mail, you should compose mail from the mailbox. Plug a wireless phone jack into the physical fax machine. The fax machine sets up the link wirelessly with your laptop, smartphone, or desktop. Attach the document you want to send, enter the recipient's fax number and the fax service, and enter the send button-the wireless work in this way.

Types of Fax machines

1. Fax Copy Machines

It is a basic model which performs the task of copying and faxing cum phone in one device. This type of machine is presently based upon varied transmission rates and depends upon the model.

2. Laser Fax Machine

It is a heavy-duty performer with appreciable speed compared to other fax machines. The laser printer is used in this fax machine instead of a thermal transfer printer. Thus, it offers a clear image in comparison to other equipment. The laser machine is expensive compared to other types of fax machines.

3. Portable Fax Machines

This machine is not made for heavy-duty transmission but is still used due to its efficiency and thermal transmission printing technology.

Characteristics of Fax

The fax machine's typical characteristics are good stroke speed, smooth printing, and data transmission rate.

Advantages of Fax Machine

  1. Cost: It is a cheap method of communication. It does not demand an annual or monthly subscription fee. It requires only electricity, ink, paper, and a telephone.
  2. Reliability: Fax machines are entirely malware free and do not contain any programming errors. There is no threat of sending sensitive data over Fax. Once the receiver receipt the document, it generates a delivery receipt.
  3. Installation: The installation process is very simple and flexible. It does not demand any special skill or training. Less complication is seen in the process of installation. The only requirement is linking the fax machine to the wall of the socket and telephone line. And it will become ready to use.
  4. Security: Security is one of the important features. There is no chance of getting a fax machine to be hacked. Thus, it gives the sender, as well as the receiver, a sense of security. It is the prime reason big corporates and governments opt for fax machines, especially security establishments.
  5. User Friendly: Receiving or sending documents via a fax machine is very simple. People working the government offices and big corporates are very much aware of this technology. If you have not used it yet, learning will take a little time.
  6. Legal: The document received or sent via fax machine holds considerable legal value. It can be used in court as a form of evidence.
  7. Exact Photocopies: The fax Machine enables exact copies of handwritten information or images to be transmitted.

Disadvantages of Fax Machines

  1. Maintenance: The fax machine requires much maintenance as it depends on many things. There it requires frequent inspection of the equipment. Equipment like inks, papers, toner, and others can run out without even getting noticed. The unavailability of any of these materials will hamper the work lot. It becomes time-consuming.
  2. Malfunction: One of the essential conditions for the Fax is that both the devices of the sender and receiver should work successful in order to transmit the document. Like other equipment, the fax machine is prone to malfunction. If the machines malfunction, they must be repaired to send the document.
  3. Quality: Fax quality is very poor over the transmission line compared to a regular printer. The transmission quality differed when it was received on the other end. The quality will be poor at the ending side or details.
  4. Landline Connection Compulsory: In the contemporary world, few people possess landline communication, and if you want to use a fax machine, a landline connection is mandatory for successful performance. Fax machines are heavily dependent upon landlines for data transmission.
  5. Multi- Tasking Function is Not Available: The fax machine does not endorse multi-tasking features as it cannot transmit and receive document simultaneously, and they are incapable of sending and receiving multiple data simultaneously. The whole process becomes slow if you send large volumes of documents.
  6. Unportable Device: The fax machine lacks portability. It is a tedious task and requires much effort to move fax machines.

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