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Technologies of automation are developing rapidly, and business leaders are faced with prioritizing areas to automate and then choosing between technologies. The digitizing of the work and applying AI's power allows us to identify previously hidden opportunities for automation to have a considerable impact. It scans the millions of pieces of data in a fraction of the time a human brain could. The automation balances the human and machine tasks to build an optimal collaborative workforce.

A test automation tool is a piece of software that allows us to define software testing tasks, which is afterward run with as little human interaction as possible.

Automation is one step ahead of manual testing. It saves the efforts of human beings and increases the accuracy of testing by reducing errors. According to the need and demand for automation in the IT field, several automation testing tools are available these days.

Following are some commercial and open-source test automation tool that can be mostly used these days:


LambdaTest is one of the best automation testing tools for desktop and web applications. Using LambdaTest, we can perform manual and automated cross-browser testing on a combination of 2000+ mobile and desktop browsers in the language we prefer, such as Python, Java, Javascript, etc.

Automation Tools

The testing time can be reduced by half using LabdaTest by performing tests in parallel. We can also test for Geo-Targeting, Geo-Blocking, Geo Localization across 27+ countries, including Japan, India, USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia and many more.


TestComplete is the automation testing tool for mobile, desktop and web applications. Using it, we can build and run functional UI tests via robust record and replay capabilities or by scripting our required programming languages, including JavaScript, VBScript, Python and more.

Automation Tools

It supports a wide range of applications such as .Net, native and hybrid iOS and Android apps, and parallel, regression, and cross-browser testing capabilities. We can scale our tests across more than 1500 test environment for complete coverage and improved software quality using TestComplete.


TestProject is an Open source end-to-end test automation platform for mobile, web, and API testing. The TestProject is supported by the #1 test automation community with thousands of loyal users. It is one of the top-rated free automation tools.

Automation Tools

Benefits of TestProject:

  • It is a scriptless test recorder, which is helpful for non-technical users.
  • It has the Advance scripting SDK.
  • It supports cloud test storage and page object repository.
  • It has 200+ community-powered addons.
  • It has beautiful executive analytics and dashboards.
  • Have built-in integration for SauceLabs, BrowserStack, Jenkins, Slack, and more.

QMetry Automation Studio

It is a leading software automation tool built on Eclipse IDE and is a leading open-source framework, selenium, and Appium.

Automation Tools

It brings efficient, structured, and reusable automation efforts. The studio is integrated by an advanced automation strategy with coded automation, enabling manual teams to transition into automation seamlessly with the scriptless automation methods. It provides a unique solution for an Omnichannel, multi-device, and multi-locale scenario by supporting the web, mobile web, mobile native, web services, and micro-services components. It is a part of AI-enabled QMetry Digital Quality Platform, one of the most robust software quality platform that offers test management, quality analytics, test automation in a single suite.

Katalon Studio

The studio is a complete test automation tool that covers API, web, desktop and mobile testing. It has all the possible features such as recording actions, creating test cases, generating test scripts, executing tests, reporting results and integrating with many tools throughout the software development lifecycle.

Automation Tools

The Katalon Studio supports iOS and Android apps' testing, web applications on all modern browsers, and API services because it is versatile and runs on macOS, Windows, and Linux.


Testsigma is one of the best Automation Testing tools that marked the beginning of a new smart automation era, which is best suited for today's Agile and DevOPs market.

Automation Tools

It is an automation tool that is AI-driven, which uses accessible language to automate even complex test simulation and meets the continuous delivery needs wisely. It has the automation ecosystem with all the elements required for continuous testing. It allows us to automate web, API services, and mobile applications and support thousands of devices over the cloud and our local machines.


The Qualibrate transforms how all the teams document and test their SAP and Web applications and create training documentation for end-users. It is designed to make the test automation accessible and straightforward for non-technical users. Despite this, it still provides the robustness and advanced functionalities for technical testers.

Automation Tools

With the help of easy UI, we can record a business process in minutes. The data can be stored over the cloud and going to be used for the given purposes:

  • Test automation and accelerated manual testing
  • Business Process Documentation
  • End-user Training

With the help of Recording, we can easily customize, upload our business data.


This tool offers the industry's premier Agile-plus-DevOps automation platform for very complex enterprise applications.

Automation Tools

Considering the "gold standard" for SAP and non-SAP enterprise applications testing, it offers unmatched support for cloud and web applications with pre-built, out-of-the-box optimizations for over 250 commonly used cloud and web applications.

It has a world-class ecosystem of solutions that spread over DevOps and continuous delivery pipelines for enterprise applications. It provides clients complete control over how they choose to utilize end-to-end automation for their transformations' digital projects.

The work soft offers the code-free continuous test automation platform built to fulfill the needs of large enterprises. These enterprises must test mission-critical business processes across multiple applications and systems.

ZeuZ Test Automation Framework

ZeuZ Automation Solution is a robust test automation framework for Mobile, Web, API, Desktop and Cloud apps. ZeuZ is a scriptless, all-in-one, and easy to use tool that allows us to create complex workflows across every platform in a single step. ZeuZ supports continuous testing and integrates with CI/CD tools, i.e., JIRA, GIT, Jenkins, TeamCity, and several others.

Automation Tools

The modern architecture of ZeuZ allows our team to automate tests on-premises and in the cloud. Automation and manual experts can easily create Functional, Smoke, Visual, Regression and Performance tests at a meager cost. It also allows us for the Manual test management, Rich reporting and Visibility across all tests.

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