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Best English Learning Apps

As we all carry smartphones with us almost all the time for our daily needs. It is good to utilize our time to learn something. The demand of English in every sector is increasing, so it is better to utilize your smartphones to learn English using apps on it.

English learning apps are like a mini classroom on your phone which you can access anytime from anywhere when you want to spend some time. There are numerous apps you will find over the Internet that helps you to learn based on your level and needs. However, none of any language learning apps can replace the real-life teacher, but they can add some effort to learn language. Several English learning apps provide vocabulary games, storybooks, grammar sections, and audios. Some of the best English learning apps that we compiled are listed below. Read the descriptions and features of these apps and find out which best suits you.

List of some best English learning apps

  • Duolingo
  • HelloTalk
  • Hello English
  • Grammarly
  • BBC Learning English
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Memrise
  • Busuu
  • Babbel
  • Livemocha


Best English Learning Apps

Duolingo is an excellent and widely used as English learning app which is recommended for beginners. The app turns your English learning into a fun game. Spending regularly 25 to 30 minute every day, you can learn English by playing short games. After completing each topic and lesson, you will win virtual coins to unlock next levels and spend these virtual coins on fun upgrades. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it gives a leaderboard challenge where you can compete with other real users. If you have any doubt and questions, you can get help from fellow users within the app using Duolingo's message section.

HelloTalk (Best for speaking)

Best English Learning Apps

If you don't have English speaking partner to communicate and enhance your English vocabulary, don't worry. HelloTalk is a free English learning app that connects you with more than 15 million members to talk in real-time. It means you find a native English speaker to teach you. The app allows you to chat with English speakers worldwide via text messages, voice call and recording, and video call. HelloTalk app also offers translation tools and group chats to ask questions to the community and get feedback. It acts as a language exchange where you can teach your language to others, and from others, you can learn English. The app also contains a search feature so that you can search and find friends to talk and improve your English skills.

Hello English (Best for intermediate learners)

Best English Learning Apps

If you have a fundamental understanding of English language and want more to improve, this Hello English app definitely helps you. The app begins with a language test and serves English lessons as per your test result. The app contains 475 different lessons with a 10,000-word dictionary. The app offers audiobooks to listen to, videos to watch, ebooks, and interactive modules where users can complete their lessons through games. This user-friendly app is an excellent way to start English learning and brush up your skills.

Grammarly (Best for writing)

Best English Learning Apps

As we see above, some of the best English learning apps mainly focus on increasing speaking skills. However, the Grammarly app is best to enhance your English writing skills. It instantly corrects your spelling mistake, grammar mistake and also suggests increasing sentence clarity. A proper explanation is provided for all errors, corrections, and suggestions so you won't make the same mistakes next time. You can use Grammarly on your desktop, or you can download its keyboard to use on your smartphone.

BBC Learning English (Best for everyday English)

Best English Learning Apps

BBC Learning English brings all lessons and presentations in one simple-to-use package. They also offer different audio programs to download and listen to them whenever you want. You will find mini daily lessons for 6 minute English, 6-minute vocabulary, and 6 minutes of grammar. Using these lessons, you can learn and listen to improve your pronunciation, grammar improvement and enhance your English through news stories. The BBC Learning English app regularly updates the latest phrases to use in everyday conversations, audio, and video programs. After practicing the listening and reading section, you can test your understanding over quizzes. You will get a scorecard based on your test result.

Rosetta Stone (Most versatile app)

Best English Learning Apps

Rosetta Stone is a most famous and versatile app to learn English and to enhance English grammar and vocabulary. There are interactive and contextual lessons on pronunciation to improve your English accent. Rosetta Stone doesn't allow you to translate any word and phrase in your native language. It is a way in which you are immersed in the language, and there is no option to way out - except to learn it. The app also contains practice exercises with essential words before you go forward to form phrases and sentences.


Best English Learning Apps

Memrise is one of the famous and widely used learning apps. It offers different languages to learn, including English and others. Here, you learn about language speaking, translating words and phrases, and chatting with other users. Memrise is a community that uses a different method of teachings. It includes basic vocabulary and grammar, lessons with interactive games, a conversation section, and many more. The courses are designed in short and easy-to-follow lessons. You will find enough content, including various audio and video clips based on native speakers that keep you busy for a long time. The app is also available in a pro plan that offers more features like difficult words and lots more.


Best English Learning Apps

Busuu is widely popular and one of the best English learning apps. Other than English, it also offers to learn Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian, etc. Here, you can start English learning from scratch as a beginner and progress up to the upper-intermediate level. It uses a traditional method to learn. You can enhance your spelling, words and phrases, grammar, and conversational English. The app also includes an accent training section. You can also find and make native speakers as friends from millions of users to talk and improve the English language. Additionally, applying for a speaking job to speak a foreign language (English, French, Spanish, etc.) with potential employers, you will get official certificates.

Busuu is also available in a subscription plan where you can get a good amount of content to start yourself.


Best English Learning Apps

Babbel is very effective for beginner's learners; even experienced language learners can also build their skills to the next level. It starts with fundamental conversational skills and focuses on vocabulary so that you can understand the language better. Other than English learning, Babbel also offers other languages to learn, including German, Russian, Dutch, Turkish, etc. It contains short lessons that take 10 to 15 minutes to complete. These lessons are based on everyday life, travel, work, and lots more. After practicing all the elements and lessons of language, you can start speaking in real-time conversations.


Best English Learning Apps

Livemocha is designed for users to learn the English language fast. The app includes virtual grammar that can easily translate any language. With only 110 dialogue phrases and more than 1300 words, you can learn a language in a brief period without spending anything on it. In each lesson, you will learn vocabulary to communicate, practice exercises for writing and speaking. The app is entirely free to download, where you can learn a language with fun.

Currently, Livemocha offers 14 different languages, including English, French, Italian, Spanish, etc. In addition, the registered users can chat with other real people and interact with the student to practice and improve their native language faster.

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