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Advantage of Biometrics

Less Processing time- Biometrics validated systems are usually referred to as a one-to-one process and generally takes less processing time compared to the other identifying systems. This is because, in other recognizing systems, the information is compared to all data already stored in the database.

Accuracy- Biometrics validated systems are also more accurate since they only have to match an individual's data against his or her stored data in the database and do not need hundreds, thousands or even if there are millions of comparisons like the identifying systems.

Increased Security- Biometric technology has provided an advanced degree of security compared to the traditional authentication methods. It is preferred over conventional techniques for many different reasons which include the fact that the physical presence of the authorized person is required at the point of identification which means that only the authorized person has access to specific resources.

Ease of work- Now you do not need to type the passwords again and again. Or even no need of remembering hard passwords. Just a fingerprint can open or update your electronic devices unlike a phone, office punching machine, etc. Nowadays, the tools are retina and voice sensitive, just by looking at the screen, or only by saying hello the phone opens.

Screening- As part of the enhanced procedures, most visitors traveling on visas will have two fingerprints scanned by an inkless device and a digital photograph taken. All of the data and information is then used to assist the border inspector in determining whether or not to admit the traveler. These enhanced procedures will add only seconds to the visitor's overall processing time. The electronic fingerprint scanner will allow inspectors to check identities of visitors against those on terrorist watch lists.

Disadvantage of Biometrics

Like all other security methods, biometrics also has limitations and threats which can impact its effectiveness and efficiency which are as follows:

  • Intra-class variability and inter-class similarity
  • Segmentation
  • Noisy input & population coverage
  • System performance (error rate, speed, cost)
  • The individuality of biometric characteristics
  • Fusion of multiple biometric attributes
  • Scalability
  • Attacks on the biometric system
  • Privacy Issues

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