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C# Expression bodied Constructors and Finalizers

C# expression body is a single line expression statement. It is used to provide single life definition to the method, constructor or property.

C# expression bodied constructor is a constructor that contains single line expression statement. The body of constructor does not contain anything except a single expression statement.

It is a concise way to perform some single line operations. Let's see an example.

C# Expression Constructors Example


Hello Rahul

C# Expression Bodied Finalizer

Finalizer is a destroyer that is used to perform cleanup related tasks. Body definition of finalizer is a single line expression.

While working with finalizer, following are the key points to remember.

  • It can destruct only class instance
  • A class can have only one finalizer
  • It can't be overloaded or inherited
  • It invokes automatically
  • It does not contain parameters

C# Expression Bodied Finalizer Example


Hello Rahul
Finalizer Executing

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