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C# Thread class

C# Thread class provides properties and methods to create and control threads. It is found in System.Threading namespace.

C# Thread Properties

A list of important properties of Thread class are given below:

CurrentThreadreturns the instance of currently running thread.
IsAlivechecks whether the current thread is alive or not. It is used to find the execution status of the thread.
IsBackgroundis used to get or set value whether current thread is in background or not.
ManagedThreadIdis used to get unique id for the current managed thread.
Nameis used to get or set the name of the current thread.
Priorityis used to get or set the priority of the current thread.
ThreadStateis used to return a value representing the thread state.

C# Thread Methods

A list of important methods of Thread class are given below:

Abort()is used to terminate the thread. It raises ThreadAbortException.
Interrupt()is used to interrupt a thread which is in WaitSleepJoin state.
Join()is used to block all the calling threads until this thread terminates.
ResetAbort()is used to cancel the Abort request for the current thread.
Resume()is used to resume the suspended thread. It is obselete.
Sleep(Int32)is used to suspend the current thread for the specified milliseconds.
Start()changes the current state of the thread to Runnable.
Suspend()suspends the current thread if it is not suspended. It is obselete.
Yield()is used to yield the execution of current thread to another thread.
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